Ashley Alexiss Rocks Her Curvy Figure In A Sassy T-Shirt & Skintight Pants

Blond bombshell Ashley Alexiss took to Instagram on Friday to show off her hourglass curves while also making a political point. The gorgeous shot captured Ashley's radiant beauty along with a hint of her feisty side, and her 2.1 million fans went wild over the look.

The picture showed Ashley posing in what seemed to be a frilly, feminine dressing area. She sat on a pink seat in front of a fluffy white pillow, and gauzy pink curtains hung behind her.

Ashley had her blond hair swept over her head, and the tresses cascaded down in gentle curls. She braced herself on one hand and tilted her head in that direction as she smiled at the photographer.

Her other arm was stretched toward a bent knee, and it seemed that her foot was propped up on the seat. Her pants appeared to be a pair of dark blue denim jeans that clung to every curve. She also wore a green T-shirt that accentuated her busty assets and slim waist.

The shirt had white lettering across the front that reflected a phrase said by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden during the first debate against President Donald Trump.

In her caption, Ashley made another political reference. This time, it was a nod to something Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris said during her recent debate with Vice President Mike Pence.

Despite the political tilt of her top, Ashley's fans had a primarily positive response to this new photo. Over the course of eight hours, more than 15,000 likes and 200 comments poured in as everybody shared their thoughts.

"You are truly stunning I must say," one fan raved.

"Very Pretty Love you so much," commented a follower.

"I honestly can't [heart emoji] this enough," another declared.

"OMG dam breath taking beautiful and love the long hair," someone else praised.

Despite Ashley being entirely covered in this photo, everybody had plenty to appreciate, as the formfitting ensemble clung to the model's voluptuous physique. Ashley has shared a number of snaps showcasing her figure in bathing suits or lacy undergarments lately. Those are always massive hits, but this one generated a lot of heat as well.

Few people could make a pair of jeans and a T-shirt look quite as sultry as Ashley did in this pre-weekend teaser. From the looks of things, the election-inspired messaging didn't seem to dampen much enthusiasm for this titillating snap.

In fact, quite a few people seemed interested in getting their hands on this particular top. Given the reaction, Ashley's fans might see even more sassy shots like this one in the days ahead.