Krissy Cela Shows Off Her Sculpted Booty In Skintight Powder Blue Leggings

Krissy Cela takes a selfie.
Krissy Cela / Instagram

Fitness trainer Krissy Cela, creator of the Tone and Sculpt app, showed off her own figure in her latest Instagram update, thrilling her 2.3 million followers with her incredible physique. Krissy was positioned in front of a white wall that provided a neutral backdrop to the video. The area she was in was relatively bare, with a patio area visible through a set of glass doors and a large potted plant in the corner that added a dose of greenery.

Krissy wore a pair of tight powder blue leggings, and the bottoms showcased her incredible legs to perfection. The garment was high-waisted, coming up Krissy’s abdomen and accentuating her slim waist before stretching out over her muscular rear. The pale blue fabric hugged her toned thighs and chiseled calves and extended all the way to her ankles.

She paired the colorful leggings with a simple black sports bra that had a criss-cross detail and a horizontal strap across the back. The revealing top showed off her sculpted shoulders and back, and she finished off the look with a pair of sneakers. Her workout ensemble was from her own brand, Oner Active, and she tagged the brand’s Instagram page in the caption.

Krissy started with her brunette locks pulled back in a low bun, with a few strands hanging loose to frame her face. She held a dumbbell between her legs and did several sumo squats, showing her followers the proper form.

She followed the clip up with several additional slides — all short videos in which she showcased her physique and demonstrated how to do various exercises targeting the booty. The second slide featured her using a regular piece of furniture to do split squats. She followed that up with several repetitions of hip thrusts, reverse lunges using a bumper plate as a slight step, and a final slide where she did side-to-side taps using a resistance band.

She paired the videos with a caption reminiscing about her company’s early days and growth, and her followers loved the update. The post received 36,100 likes and 274 comments within six hours of going live.

“IT’S THE BOOTY GAINSSSS FOR ME you look amazing!!” one fan wrote, captivated by Krissy’s curves.

“I know what I’m doing tomorrow,” another person commented, suggesting a workout may be in her future.

“Looking sauccyyy in that Oner you queen!” a third follower added, followed by a trio of flame emoji.

“Okay wow, booty on fire and your hair girl literal perfection,” a fourth individual chimed in.

Back in August, as The Inquisitr reported, she shared a similar post in which she rocked tiny white shorts and a blue sports bra as she showed the proper form for several exercises that target the upper body.