Bru Luccas Blows A Kiss On The Edge Of A Cliff Wearing Thong Bikini And Hiking Boots

Bru Luccas snaps a selfie.
Bru Luccas / Instagram

Bru Luccas gave her 3.5 million Instagram followers a thrill with her most recent update on Friday afternoon, in which the curvy fitness model traversed down a rocky path wearing only hiking boots and a skimpy bikini, and blew a kiss standing on a cliff edge. She hashtagged her location as being near the town of Sedona in the Arizona desert, and she mentioned in the caption how stunning it was.

The post garnered nearly 77,000 likes and almost 800 comments in the first few hours after it was uploaded.

Bru used the track “Rasta Courage” by SOJA as the musical accompaniment for the clip.

She wore a revealing, mismatched bathing suit that left little to the imagination. The bottoms had a white base featuring what appeared to be a tan-and-black snakeskin print. They sat low across her hips, just above the swell of her impressive derriere.

The top had dark straps that encircled her rib cage and rested over both shoulders, with pale-colored triangular cups.

She paired the ensemble with tan, rugged hiking boots that had a black furry lining.

The still image that introduced the video pictured Bru standing several feet away from a steep formation of ruddy, geometric rocks. She faced the camera with her backside, with her feet together and face tilted up toward the sunshine.

Both arms were exuberantly outstretched, palms to the sky. Her brunette hair was worn loose and spilled down her back. She had a green bandanna tied around her left wrist.

An enormous cliffside rose high into a clear blue sky on Bru’s right, on the other side of a deep crevasse in which the tops of green trees were visible peeking out. The separation between the rocks led down into an enormous canyon in front of her that appeared miles wide.

A red mountain vista dotted with bits of contrasting green shrubbery stretched uninterrupted until it became just the hazy impression of peaks on the distant horizon.

The beginning video showed Bru walking and motioning at the camera to follow her. As she got closer to the breathtaking view, she broke out into an excited jog, then stopped to pose as described above.

In the culmination of the clip, she continued forward. She confidently but gingerly stepped down onto a rectangular rock at the very edge of the dramatic dropdown. She peered downward with a big smile on her face, then turned to look at the camera and blew a flirty kiss.