GarmaGuard Update: Find Out What The Company Is Doing After ‘Shark Tank’ Appearance

GarmaGuard's owners pitch the company on Shark Tank.

GarmaGuard was created in a lab, gained popularity on the internet, and now the company is hoping to find fame — and cash — on Shark Tank.

Pete Badawy and his wife, Bianca, brought the company to the ABC reality show on Friday with the hope of getting an investment from the sharks that would help GarmaGuard grow even more. As The Cinemaholic reported, the pair founded the New Jersey-based Elysian Labs LLC where they came up with the spray, which they bill as the first all-organic, non-GMO garment and fabric cleanser. They said the product is able to attack odors, quickly and easily cleaning and disinfecting clothing items.

While it wasn’t revealed ahead of the episode’s airing whether GarmaGuard got an investment from the sharks, the outfit’s social media presence showed that it continues to grow since the taping of the Season 12 premiere episode earlier in the year. The company posts endorsements from customers and updates on sales, as well as a bit of self-promotion ahead of the Shark Tank appearance.

In one Instagram post, the company showed some images from the appearance and tried to drum up sales with a special promotion that went along with the debut of the new season of the ABC show. In other posts, it pitches the garment-cleaning spray as a popular choice among first-responders and other frontline workers who may work in hazardous or especially dirty settings.

As The Cinemaholic noted, the social media reach demonstrates how well GarmaGuard has done in building its customer base, and buyers seem very happy with the results.

“Pete and Bianca have a trademark on the name, and their Instagram, with almost 20,000 followers, shows that they already have quite a consumer base for it as well,” the report noted, adding that the GarmaGuard website features some glowing reviewers from customers including one who called the product “miraculous.”

Those who tune in may also get to see how the couple and their business have navigated an unprecedented economic crisis. As The Inquisitr reported, this season of Shark Tank will show viewers how small business owners have been making it through the coronavirus pandemic, which has led a number of companies to close their doors forever.

The program’s producer said many have responded by moving more operations online, which is something GarmaGuard appears to have done well. Aside from its own website, the outfit also sells its product on a number of internet platforms including Walmart’s website.