‘Big Brother’ 22 Evictee Memphis Says What He’d Do Differently, And Who He Would Have Taken To The End

Memphis Garrett sits in the Big Brother house

Memphis Garrett is the latest casualty of Big Brother All-Stars. The former runner-up couldn’t make it as far in BB22 as he did in his freshman season, and it might have been one simple mistake that cost him his spot in the final two. The restauranteur was voted out unanimously by his Wise Guys alliance members Cody Calafiore and Enzo Palumbo in what was possibly the first blindside of the season.

After he was sent packing, Memphis spoke with Entertainment Weekly to discuss the events from All-Stars and what he might have done differently knowing what he knows now. At first, Memphis was questioned about his parting words where he told his roommates “Good luck, you guys. You’re gonna need it.” This message was mostly for Cody, he revealed, and Memphis said he looked his final two partner in the eye when he said it, while also shaking his hand.

Memphis said this was his way of letting Cody know he would have taken him to the final three, and now he had a layer of protection gone, making him more vulnerable in the house. He is still sticking behind his word, saying he definitely would have taken Cody and Enzo down to three if he was able to.

As for who he’d take to the very end, that honor would have gone to Enzo. Memphis said while everyone in the jury house mostly likes and respects Enzo, he hasn’t done much in the game at all and the jury will probably vote based on good gameplay.

Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett sit on the block

As far as what he would do differently, it all has to do with the Wise Guy alliances. Memphis created two three-person alliances of the same name, with two of the same people. Memphis and Enzo were both in these alliances, one of which contained Cody and the other had Christmas Abbott.

“I think the only thing that I could go back and change that would result in a different game is probably just not build the Wise Guys maybe, or maybe just build one version with Enzo and Cody, since Enzo was obviously spilling the beans to Cody about everything,” he said. “But at the end of the day, look, if he had an alliance with Cody before me and he was spilling the beans and that just shows me that I didn’t really have anything with him to begin with.”

Memphis thought he was playing a really good game and even told the viewers in a diary room session that they should take notes. He somewhat regrets that statement now but admitted he said it thinking Enzo was being loyal to him and not opening up and revealing things to other people in the house.