Anna Katharina Gets Soaking Wet In Skimpy Neon Bikini

Anna Katharina takes a selfie
Anna Katharina / Instagram

Fitness model Anna Katharina is steaming up her Instagram feed yet again for her loyal 1.3 million followers. The bombshell shared a series of photos to her social media account on Friday, October 16 which showcased her impressive physique. Anna modeled a skimpy neon bikini which had a white fabric base and streaks of pink, orange, and yellow wisped throughout.

The classic bikini bottoms were tied at her hips, which featured a cheeky back. The top also featured strings that tied midway down her back and around her neck. There wasn’t much fabric to work with on the swimsuit top, as her chest was barely covered with her cleavage exposed to the max.

The bronzed model had wet locks in the photo which hung down to her chest in loose waves. Anna joked in the caption of the hot post that back in the day she used to use wet-look hair gel and admitted it never looked as cool as she thought it did.

All three photos in the post highlighted Anna’s seriously impressive body, all giving her followers different angles to fawn upon. The first was a head-on wet body shot of the fitness guru staring into the camera. The second pic was a side profile shot, where Anna looked away from the camera as she whisked her hair behind her. The glare from the sun made the photo a little bit hazy, but her toned rump was still on full display. The final image featured Anna dazing into the camera seductively with the same bright sunlight coming in from behind her as she stood in front of a leafy green backdrop.

In just a few minutes after being posted, the post brought in thousands of likes and dozens upon dozens of comments from Anna’s admirers. The comments were full of complimentary emoji which included the fire symbol as well as the heart-eyed smiley face.

“Wow you look absolutely stunning love!!” one fan wrote.

“Sooooooo damn gorgeous,” another typed.

“Okay but is anyone actually looking at her hair,” a third fan wrote, playing off her caption.

“Ok but it works if you’re wearing a swimsuit bc then it just looks like you got done swimming so it makes sense,” another wrote about the wet-gel look. Anna commented back to clarify she had just gotten out of the pool and she hadn’t used any product on her locks.

This is the third time this week Anna shared a revealing swimsuit snap to her Instagram. Earlier this week she was soaking wet again in a dark olive green bikini which had a very low waist and cleavage amplifying top.