Kate Gosselin Reportedly Feeling Financial ‘Crunch’ Due To Lack Of Work & Never-Ending Custody Battle With Jon

The mom-of-eight seems ready for a fresh start as she looks to unload her high-maintenance Pennsylvania property.

Kate Gosselin with daughters Mady and Cara.
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The mom-of-eight seems ready for a fresh start as she looks to unload her high-maintenance Pennsylvania property.

Kate Gosselin is reportedly dealing with the financial fallout of a lavish lifestyle she can no longer afford.

Amid reports that she has put her house on the market for hundreds of thousands of dollars less than she paid for it 12 years ago, a source close to the former TLC star alleged that she’s feeling the “crunch” after losing her high-paying TV job.

“Her finances are not what they used to be,” a source told In Touch Weekly.

“She’s not working, so there are no checks coming in. It costs a lot of money to care for the kids and the lifestyle she’s been accustomed to. Having a hit TV show had a lot of perks. Things have definitely changed. That’s why she’s looking to sell her home.”

The insider added that Kate’s custody battle with ex-husband Jon Gosselin “never seems to end,” causing her even more financial strain due to the endless lawyer fees she has to shell out.

“That’s not cheap. She’s definitely feeling the crunch.”

The update on Kate’s finances comes following a report that she has listed her $1.2 million home for a mere $815,000. Earlier this week, The Sun posted a photo of a realtor’s sign at the entrance to the mom-of-eight’s 23-acre property in Pennsylvania.

The report also teased that Kate is planning to move out of state, which means there would be more custody dealings with her ex, since four of their minor children still live with her.

Kate Gosselin and her children attend the Discovery Upfront event at Jazz at Lincoln Center on April 23, 2008 in New York City.
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Kate has not posted to Instagram since her son Aaden got his braces off in July. However, in the comments section to the post, which can be seen here, reaction to the rumors about her financial situation was harsh.

“That’s a huge loss… you must be desperate… karma,” one commenter wrote.

“Good luck selling that big house for a huge loss. Serves you right for being greedy,” another added.

Others told the former Kate Plus 8 star that reality shows should have never been her main source of income. Before signing with TLC, Kate worked as a labor and delivery nurse.

“Reality TV is not a real job,” wrote one critic. “It only lasts so long.. Kate thought she had a career… They all crash and burn, they live like movie stars and then they get in over their head.”

And a few others told Kate that McDonald’s is always hiring.

Others accused Kate of plotting to move her kids out of state to start a new life and put her kids on a possible new reality show without needing to get Jon’s permission.