'Big Brother: All-Stars': How To Play HOH Competition Knight Moves

Big Brother: All-Stars is down to just four cast members after Memphis Garrett was evicted on Thursday, October 15. At the episode's end, Kaysar Ridha paid the remaining houseguests a visit via video where he revealed what the next Head of Household (HOH) competition would be. The roommates would be playing a competition that has only appeared thrice in the Big Brother world but is a legendary battle nonetheless. Kaysar announced Knight Moves as the next contest, a competition he manipulated when it was a Power of Veto (POV) challenge during his time on Season 6.

Knight Moves first debuted on BB3, when it was known as Turnover and was won by Chiara Jude Berti. James Rhine won it in BB6 after Kaysar mastered the strategy and set up James for victory. Knight Moves' last appearance was in BB16 as a Battle of the Block challenge that was won by Amber Borzotra and Jocasta Odom.

According to Big Brother Daily on Twitter, the houseguests all choose a chessboard square to stand on at the comp's beginning. This square's tile is flipped over, meaning no one can stand on that particular space again for the duration of the battle. All subsequent moves are done the same way a knight moves in a game of chess.

Christmas Abbott sits in the Big Brother house

A houseguest can choose which direction they want to move in, and they will flip over the tile that they land on. Eventually, after many moves play out, some of the players will be stuck by not having a move left because their only options are to land on forbidden, once-occupied, spaces. This process continues until there is only one houseguest left standing.

This marks the first time Knight Moves will be used as an HOH, and it looks like it might throw the remaining players for a loop. After Kaysar announced the game to Cody Calafiore, Nicole Franzel, Enzo Palumbo, and Christmas Abbott, all four seemed confused about what he was saying. It looks as if some, if not all of the houseguests, can't remember the comp or have never seen it played before.

Fans of the show immediately began questioning their supposed confusion about the announcement on Twitter.

"Kind of funny how none of them knew what it was, no clue! Its sad!!!" one viewer tweeted.

"They don't know what knight moves is??? all stars where?" another wrote.

Knight Moves is the perfect game for an alliance as they can work together to pin someone outside of their group in a corner, forcing them to withdraw for not having an eligible move. Some viewers think Cody and Enzo will help one another out, forcing Christmas to lose, which will keep their trio safe.