Ana Cheri Displays Her Love For Fans While Wearing Skintight Animal-Print Shorts

Ana Cheri takes a selfie
Ana Cheri / Instagram

Ana Cheri thrilled her 12.5 million Instagram followers on Thursday night with an update that displayed her stunning physique and laid-back island attitude. The voluptuous fitness model had been recently vacationing in the tropical Maldives, and the post featured the same breathtaking background as multiple others in the last few weeks.

She pranced along the beach in a skintight ensemble for which she credited her personal athletic wear company, and threw her arms over her head, joining her curved fingers and thumbs together to form a heart symbol.

Over 8,000 fans hit the “like” button in the first hour after the post went live, including fellow social media celebrity Jojo Babie.

Ana wore a pair of high-waisted biker shorts featuring a white background printed with tan and black leopard spots. They clung to her figure, the lightweight fabric perfectly conforming to her shapely thighs.

Her midriff was bare and showed enviable abdominal definition between the bottoms and her black crop top. The tiny garment had a low, scooped neckline and a snug fit over her round breasts, exposing a bit of cleavage.

Ana finished off the outfit with a classic white button-down shirt, which she wore open wide across her chest. The ends of the shirt were looped into a loose knot just below her bust, and the sleeves were cuffed several times to keep her cool in the humid climate.

Ana faced the camera and appeared to be walking forward when the image was shot. One leg was planted on the ground, and the other knee was bent and raised slightly into the air with her toes pointed. She closed her eyes and tipped her chin down, with a wide, natural smile on her face.

Ana’s Instagram supporters loved her attire and were eager to express their affection for the stylish beauty in the comments section.

“Happy Thursday babe, love the leopard biker shorts!” exclaimed one fan, adding a trio of flames at the end.

“Very very hot in black and white and awesome figure honey,” remarked a second follower.

“I finally was able to order and I LOVE these SO much! And I loved the packaging! Thank you!” raved a third person, referring to the clothing Ana promoted in the caption.

“Love your shorts, you have the perfect legs for them. You Are amazing and look gorgeous in everything. Beautiful from head to toe. Hope you’re having a wonderful week so far,” gushed a fourth fan, following the comment with red hearts.