Casi Davis Showcases Nearly Nude Booty At The Beach In Latest Instagram Share

Casi Davis poses at the KYBOE! Watches Miami Swim Week fashion show on July 15, 2016 in Miami Beach, Florida.
Sergi Alexander / Getty Images

Instagram hottie Casi Davis took to her social media page on Thursday evening with a sizzling update that thrilled her 1.3 million followers. The curvaceous fitness model bared her famous buns on the beach in an unusual snap that displayed artistic ingenuity and used a clever double entendre in the caption.

The post racked up almost 17,000 likes in the first few hours after it was uploaded, including one from fellow model Yaslen Clemente.

The image composition featured a close-up shot of pale, sandy ground dotted with long sprigs of green seagrass and dried seaweed against which a small mirror was propped.

Casi’s standing, nearly-naked figure was reflected in the glass, against the backdrop of a clear blue sky.

She faced the mirror with her behind and arched her back to emphasize the swell of her luscious derriere, which was drenched in bright sunshine. She wore a cocoa-colored thong bikini that covered very little of her tanned skin. The top had narrow straps that ran over both shoulders and encircled her rib cage, clasping between her shoulder blades.

The matching bottoms featured a small triangle of fabric that rose from between her cheeks and rested on the small of her back, connected to straps placed high over both hips.

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There was an additional strap that crossed horizontally over her backside and wrapped around the front of her body several inches lower than the first set, but it was difficult to discern whether the piece was a decorative part of the suit or perhaps a separate accessory.

Casi’s chin was tipped into the air, letting her long, blond hair fall halfway down her back in tousled waves. She wore a navy-and-white printed scarf over her head and fastened in a knot in the back, pirate style.

She stood with her legs spread wide apart, enough to allow a glimpse of the sky to peek through and let her arms relax to the sides with her shoulders thrown back.

The elaborate frame that held the reflective glass was a gold square featuring a three-tiered design. The middle section was a smooth, brushed gold surface with a matte finish, which was lined on either side with shiny edging in repeating patterns.

Casi’s Instagram supporters loved the post and were eager to express their adoration for the Florida-based celebrity.

“Damn that’s a [peach],” remarked one follower, who used the appropriate emoji in place of the word.

“Picture perfect,” declared a second person.