Amanda Cerny Flaunts Her Cleavage In A Black Bra While Blowing Bubbles: ‘Multitasking At Its Finest’

Amanda Cerny attends White Fox Boutique Swimwear Launch Of 100% Salty at Catch
Presley Ann / Getty Images

Amanda Cerny shared a sexy new snapshot via her Instagram page on Thursday. She teased in the caption of her upload that she was trying to juggle several tasks at once, and her fans seemed to love her take on it.

The photo featured Cerny sitting in a white bathtub. A table and ladder-style rack could be seen behind her and towels were arranged on both light-colored wood pieces.

The brunette beauty had her tresses styled in a glamorous updo of sorts, and she wore silver dangling earrings. A few loose wisps of hair escaped her style and gently framed her face.

Cerny sat in the bathtub filled with water and bubbles, showing off her chiseled abs and ample bosom. The edge of the tub obscured her figure, but a hint of her delightful curves could be seen along her torso.

The popular 29-year-old social media influencer wore a lacy black bra that showed off plenty of deep cleavage. She looked coyly toward the photographer as she blew some bubbles off her hand.

In her caption, Cerny said she was multitasking by trying to take a bath, have photos taken, and get her laundry done all at once.

The sultry snap quickly garnered the attention of her 25.4 million Instagram followers. While the playful setting may have been a bit unrealistic, people didn’t seem to mind.

Almost 275,000 likes and 800 comments poured in during the first hour after Cerny had uploaded the snap.

“@amandacerny you are so beautiful perfect gorgeous all of the above I love this photoshoot,” one fan said.

“There is nothing more beautiful and stunning than you my star @amandacerny in this whole world. Loads of love to you. Keep shining and encouraging,” another wrote.

“Amanda’s post + cup of tea + nice weather = perfect combo @amandacerny team cerny for life you are so gorgeous celebrity crush big time Amanda for life,” a follower declared.

“Please stop looking so hot every time,” a fourth fan pleaded.

Cerny’s fans may recognize this stunning tub from a photo that she shared a while ago. Back in July, she was snapped while seemingly posing flirtatiously in the same bathtub. She appeared to be fully nude in that one, although the blue water covering her body made it impossible to tell for sure.

At the time, the comedian and fitness model joked that the gorgeous tub was her think tank. That picture received nearly 850,000 likes, and Cerny’s new upload seems as if it might receive the same level of adoration.