Friday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nikolas Deals With His Blackmailing & Liz Voices Reservations To Franco

Marcus Coloma plays Nikolas on 'General Hospital'
Valerie Durant / ABC

General Hospital spoilers for Friday’s episode detail that everybody will see the next steps forward with the blackmailing scheme. Nikolas and Ava are both facing big monetary demands from Scotty, and they have no idea that Elizabeth and Franco are in on it. However, Liz is having some regrets over the direction where this has headed, and significant developments regarding all of the drama are coming during the October 16 episode.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Ava will try to reassure her brother that she has everything under control. She is in a very tight spot at the moment, as she has to try to find ways to deal with Nikolas, Scott, and Ryan.

She’s developed feelings for Nik, but she’s not quite sure what to do about them. Scott is trying to wrangle a massive payday from her over her kiss with Franco, while Ryan is demanding she focus on him in exchange for keeping Julian safe.

Ava tried to offer a counterproposal to Ryan, but he wasn’t up for striking any deals. General Hospital teasers hint that she may open up to Julian regarding some of this during Friday’s show. The sneak peek shows her talking to someone, asking about what happens if someone has started to care for her. It seems like she’s probably talking about Nikolas here, looking to her brother for advice.

Roger Howarth and Rebecca Herbst star on 'General Hospital'
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Elsewhere, Nikolas will be trying to put an end to his blackmail problem. General Hospital spoilers from the preview reveal that he will meet someone on the docks and he’ll have an envelope with him. He tells the person he’s meeting that they’ll need to settle for what he has or forget it, and it seems likely he’s talking to Scott.

Whatever goes down between Nikolas and Scott during Friday’s show, General Hospital teasers indicate that he’ll ask Alexis for some help. He probably won’t tell his aunt every detail about his current conundrum, but he may be hoping to get some legal insight from her.

Elizabeth and Franco coordinated this blackmail scheme with Scott, but things have gone a bit awry. Scott demanded significantly more money from both Ava and Nikolas than had been discussed, prompting a lot of guilty feelings for Elizabeth. Spoilers signal that she and her husband will butt heads over this once again, as he feels fine moving ahead and she’s not sure she can live with herself.

Will Nikolas and Ava eventually let go of their schemes and realize they want to be together? Can Franco and Elizabeth find a way to handle their financial issues without pushing forward with the blackmail? General Hospital fans are anxious to see how much crazier this all gets in the days ahead, especially with Ryan in the mix of things as well.