Jojo Babie Flaunts Bare Bust Wearing Unbuttoned Sweater In Tantalizing Selfie

Jojo Babie takes a selfie.
Jojo Babie / Instagram

Jojo Babie let it all hang out in her most recent Instagram post on Thursday afternoon, delighting her 10.2 million followers. The curvy fitness model is frequently snapped while wearing athletic wear or a bikini on her social media page, but with the weather starting to get a little chilly, it seems she threw on a sweater to keep warm.

The cozy cardigan did not disappoint, however — Jojo wore it unbuttoned well below her voluptuous breasts, which appeared to be nude beneath the clingy woven fabric. The post racked up almost 10,000 likes and over 400 comments in the first half-hour after it was uploaded.

Jojo posed for the casual selfie with her head tilted as she clutched her phone in her left hand. She displayed her manicured nails, which were filed square and painted in a neutral tone. The gray case was positioned such that it partially covered her face but still left her striking features in view.

Her right elbow was bent and she brought her forearm up next to her chest, mirroring the shape of her other arm. Her mouth was parted, and she seductively placed the tip of her finger on her bottom lip as she gazed down at the camera screen to maintain focus and composition in the image.

Jojo’s blond hair was swept to the side, spilling over her shoulder, and a waved section covered one eye.

Her sweater was a pale sage color and featured a narrow vertical ribbing. It was adorned with delicate buttons down the front, only one of which was fastened at the bottom. The V-neckline was open wide across her bare decolletage, displaying an ample amount of cleavage that was impossible to ignore.

Jojo’s Instagram supporters were thrilled to express their adoration for the busty social media celebrity. They flooded the comments section with compliments, as well as responses to the casual inquiry in her caption.

“My day off Jo, & doing absolutely nothing!! & it feels great!! lol,” happily exclaimed one fan.

“Wishing I was with you instead of driving my city bus in Montreal, Quebec, Canada,” mused a second person, who hopefully was not actively operating a vehicle while composing the comment.

“Trying to think of what type of beautiful bouquet of flowers I can send you,” contemplated a third follower.

“I am imagining the possibility of meeting with you at least once in my life time,” declared a dedicated fourth fan, who added flame and heart emoji at the end.