Jessica Simpson, 40, Flaunts Her Petite Waist In A Pair Of Snug Jeans & Buttoned Blouse

Jessica promoted eczema awareness month in the post.

Jessica Simpson visits SiriusXM Studios for SiriusXM's Town Hall with Jessica Simpson
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Jessica promoted eczema awareness month in the post.

Jessica Simpson, 40, took to her Instagram account on Thursday morning to share a brand-new post with her adoring fans. The singer flaunted her petite waist as she promoted Eczema Awareness Month in the caption.

In the stunning shot, Jessica looked drop-dead gorgeous as she sported a pair of snug jeans. The denim clung tightly to her curvy hips and wrapped around her slim midsection. It also hugged her lean legs in the process.

She added a light blue buttoned blouse to the ensemble as well. The shirt boasted short sleeves that showed off her toned arms. She tucked the top into her jeans to accentuate her fit figure further. She also left a few buttons at the top undone for a more casual look. She accessorized the sexy style with rings on her fingers.

Jessica sat on an outdoor couch for the pic. She had her knees bent and both of her feet resting behind her. She shifted her weight to one side and placed a hand on her thigh. The other arm rested on a nearby pillow and was bent so that her hand sat near her head.

The Dukes of Hazzard star soaked up some sun as she wore a big smile on her face. In the background, some green grass could be seen.

She wore her long, blond hair parted in the center. The locks were styled in loose waves that spilled over both shoulders.

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Jessica’s over 5.6 million followers immediately began to respond to the post by watching the animated photo clip more than 15,000 times within the first 10 minutes after it went live on the platform. Her admirers also hit up the comments section to leave nearly 30 messages during that time.

“Glad to see someone talking about eczema. I’m going CRAZY with mine at the moment. It’s been over a year now…..ugh!!!!” one follower admitted.

“Jessica. Keep being the most wonderful mom and person that you are; Your an amazing woman, God bless you and your family always,” another stated.

“Oh Jess you look amazing!!! You look exactly the same as you did in 2005,” a third user wrote.

“You’re just gorge!” a fourth person commented.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Jessica recently piqued the interest of her followers when she was spotted rocking a tight black sports bra and a pair of animal-print spandex leggings after a yoga session by the pool. To date, that post has reeled in more than 10,000 likes and over 170 comments.