Jade Grobler Wears Nothing But Tiny Black Bikini Bottoms In Latest Instagram Post

On October 14, Jade Grobler wowed her Instagram followers with a sizzling post. Avid fans of the influencer were quick to respond to the racy snapshot, where she wore nothing but a pair of tiny black bikini bottoms.

In the photo, Jade was captured lounging near the river. She sat on a big rock formation with her thighs spread in front of the camera. Her knees were bent, and she brought one of her legs closer to her body while she placed one arm over the other. Her left hand held her foot, while her right hand rested on her leg. She slightly raised her chin and looked directly at the camera with a sultry gaze.

As she was topless, she used her arms to cover herself, along with help from her long blond locks. A glimpse of her flat stomach was also seen in the shot. She sported tiny black bikini bottoms that had a simple design. The waistband featured thin straps that clung to her small waist, accentuating her hips. The swimwear also had high leg cuts.

The South African-born model wore her hair down with a center part and styled in straight strands. The hairstyle suited the daring look that she was going for in the photo. She accessorized with several rings, a silver necklace, and a string necklace with a dainty turtle pendant.

In the caption, Jade mentioned that a new Untamed Roamer edition just came out and urged her followers to check her new snaps on the site. She also tagged the online magazine in both the post and the picture.

In less than a day, the newest addition to Jade's page racked up more than 13,900 likes and 140 comments. A lot of her online supporters dived into the comments section to add their compliments. Most raved about her "insanely hot body," while countless admirers praised her "beautiful blue eyes" and "flawless skin." Some others struggled with words but still wanted to chime in, dropping a combination of emoji instead.

"What a hottie! Honestly, I don't like subscribing to any OnlyFans account, as I think it's just a waste of money. Yours is a bit different, but the same concept, and I might just consider joining," one of her fans commented.

"Wow! I never get tired of looking at you. Thanks for inspiring me today," gushed another admirer.

"I love your lashes, girl! They instantly brighten your face," a third social media user added.