Britney Spears Rocks A String Bikini & Sits On Sam Asghari's Shoulders As He Carries Her At The Beach

Britney Spears looked like she was having a blast at the beach with boyfriend Sam Asghari in a fun photo posted to the singer's Instagram account on Wednesday. However, some of the pop star's fans were concerned because they could only see their idol's body and hair.

Britney, 38, rocked an eye-catching string bikini. Her top had stretchy cups that showcased her ample bosom. The front of the garment was pastel pink, while the sides featured animal-print accents. The singer's low-rise bottoms boasted the same wild pattern allover. The design had a dark tan base with profuse black spots. The earthy tones complemented her skin, which looked smooth and radiant.

Britney sat on her boyfriend's strong shoulders. The couple was photographed in profile, and the long shadow of their unidentified photographer could be seen on the sand. Sam, 26, grasped his girlfriend's ankles as she straddled the back of his neck and stretched her legs out, showing off their toned shape and sun-kissed glow. She appeared to place her hands underneath her beau's chin. Her face was completely hidden from view by her long, blond hair. Her shiny tresses were brushed forward so that they loosely cascaded over her chest.

Sam is a fitness model and personal trainer, and it showed in his ripped physique. He was shirtless, which revealed his powerful pectoral muscles. His massive biceps bulged as he held Britney in place and trekked across the sand. He wore a pair of snug-fitting swim trunks that appeared to feature a dark camouflage print in shades of gray. He also wore a blue protective mask.

The couple soaked up some sun on a busy stretch of beach with brilliant white sand. Numerous other beachgoers could be seen in the distance, along with a row of resorts. The water near the shore was dark, and the white-capped waves that rolled in were rather large. However, it was a gorgeous sunny day, and fluffy white clouds filled the azure sky. Some of Britney's Instagram followers suggested that the location looked like a Florida beach.

As per usual, her photo sparked a lot of discussion in the comments section of her post, where some of her followers spread conspiracy theories about the pop star. There were numerous remarks about the placement of her hair, and some suggested that the woman in the pictures wasn't actually the singer.

"Love how the face is covered cause it ain't Britney but, go off," read a comment that has been liked over 1,400 times thus far.

"Who is this woman?! Her face is purposely covered!!! Love you queen B," another person wrote.

However, many other fans didn't question the "Toxic" hitmaker's identity, choosing instead to let her know that she's admired and loved. Her supporters also expressed their desire to see her happy.

"You're everything and deserve the world," wrote one fan.

"I really hope she's happy and I hope that her partner would support her cause she deserves nothing but happiness after everything she's endured," another admirer remarked.