Hoda Kotb Admits Her Least Favorite ‘Today’ Guest To Kathie Lee Gifford On ‘Watch What Happens Live’

TV personalities Hoda Kotb (L) and Kathie Lee Gifford (R) attend the 2017 CMT Music awards at the Music City Center on June 7, 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee.
Rick Diamond / Getty Images

Hoda Kotb admitted her least favorite Today Show guest to former co-host Kathie Lee Gifford, who surprised her pal during her appearance on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live on October 13. Hoda guested on the series alongside musician and songwriter Lenny Kravitz.

During a fun segment called “Plead the Fifth,” Andy briefly handed over his hosting gig to Kathie Lee, who questioned her longtime pal. Andy introduced Kathie Lee by exclaiming her taste for “vengeance” was big enough to fill her mid-morning goblet of wine.

Kathie Lee asked Hoda three questions that were sure to make her uncomfortable. She was only allowed to plead the fifth on one.

“Hi, Hoda mama! I’m back and I’m going to cause some trouble,” Kathie Lee said to her friend.

She then asked her who her least favorite guest was and commented that it was likely Hoda’s as well. The women helmed the desk as part of Today’s fourth hour of programming for 11 years before Kathie Lee departed in April 2019.

The duo agreed it was Frank Sinatra Jr., who appeared on the morning talk series to promote a 2015 coffee table book titled Sinatra 100, which honored the centennial of his famous father Frank Sinatra’s birth.

“It was the worst guest we’ve ever had, bar none. He came for his book — he had a book he was promoting — and he didn’t want to talk about it so we didn’t say anything! It was so weird,” Hoda revealed.

In a clip available on YouTube, the women attempted to chat with the singer regarding his project.

Hoda asked Frank Jr. why he decided to do the project, and he deadpanned that he did not make the decision as the idea was done by a committee. Undaunted, she continued by asking why it was important to do this project. He responded they should ask the tome’s co-author Charles Pignone, who appeared happy to respond to Hoda’s query. The women plowed through the remainder of the interview, attempting to engage the namesake of the legendary singer to no avail.

In the Watch What Happens Live segment, Kathie Lee posed two further questions to Hoda. She wondered when was the most annoyed Hoda had ever been at Kathie Lee before they went on the air. To that, she pled the fifth.

She did her best to answer a query regarding the names of three of Kathie Lee’s songs. She responded “Whiskey and Wine,” “Everyone Has a Story,” and “Silent Night.”