Alexa Dellanos Serves Up A Sexy Show Of Her Pert Derrière In Thong Bikini: 'Peachy Bby'

It may be October, but blond beauty Alexa Dellanos has been enjoying the warmer temperatures in Los Angeles over the past few days. She gave her Instagram followers a treat for hump day on Wednesday by sharing a snap that saw her flaunting her pert derrière in a white thong bikini.

Alexa was enjoying the sun in the photo, which captured her posing on the edge of a hot tub. A row of trees was visible just a few yards behind her, and the sky was clear. A few lawn chairs were also seen along the edge of the tub.

Very little of Alexa's swimsuit was visible because of how she posed for the picture, but it appeared to be very skimpy. The straps on the top were thin, and the straps on the bottoms were pulled high around her waist. She completed the outfit with a wide-brimmed straw hat that cast shade on half her face.

The model wore her long tresses down in waves. A few strands fell down her back and across her side, calling attention to her smooth skin.

Alexa's long fingernails had a French manicure, and she sported a white polish on her toenails.

The popular influencer lay on her tummy for the shot, giving fans a nice view of her sensual curves — most notably her pert booty. The lens caught her from a side angle as she lifted her feet in the air. As well as showing off her bottom, she also showcased her shapely thighs. She rested on her forearms, a pose that accentuated the sexy curve of her lower back. A bit of sideboob was also visible. With her face toward the camera, she wore a serious expression as she looked down.

Alexa left a flirty remark in the post's caption.

The update was popular among Alexa's 2.1 million followers, with more than 27,000 of them hitting the heart button within a few hours of her sharing the picture.

Some of her admirers also left comments, with a few of them raving over the titillating snap.

"You are Beautiful," one Instagram user wrote.

"Very nice, wow," a second fan chimed in.

"Wow hot," added a third follower.

"Peachy indeed," quipped a fourth admirer.

Alexa seems to enjoy flaunting her curves in a variety of tantalizing outfits. Last month, she shared an update that saw her rocking a white blouse with an extremely short pair of Daisy Dukes that put her cheeks on display.