WWE Rumors: Company Reportedly Has Plans For Braun Strowman To Feud With Top ‘SmackDown’ Superstar Next Year

Braun Strowman appears on WWE television

Even though both superstars currently compete on different brands, WWE officials reportedly have plans to have Braun Strowman and Lars Sullivan feud with each other in one year, per Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio.

As documented by SEScoops, “there is a direction” for both superstars at the moment. However, Meltzer also noted that a year is a long time to wait, and Vince McMahon’s tendency to change his mind means that nothing is set in stone yet.

According to the journalist, Sullivan will receive a substantial push going forward. He demolished John Morrison on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, and he looks set to enter into a program with Jeff Hardy on the blue brand’s weekly show as well.

The decision to push Sullivan is bound to cause some controversy, however. As The Inquisitr documented earlier this week, the superstar has been on the receiving end of criticism after it was revealed that he’d been allegedly sending inappropriate messages to a woman on Instagram.

He reportedly has significant locker room heat as a result, though a high ranking company official is believed to be on his side. The fact he was booked strongly on the latest show suggests that officials have overlooked the incident.

Sullivan returned to WWE television last week following a lengthy hiatus due to a knee injury. However, during his absence, news emerged that he’d posted racially insensitive and homophobic posts on online forums. He allegedly starred in adult films as well.

Lars Sullivan makes his way to the ring

Hardy, who he’s scheduled to face on this week’s Friday Night SmackDown, was also the subject of some of Sullivan’s ire when he was made the derogatory posts.

Strowman, meanwhile, has officially been drafted to the red brand after being involved in “Raw Underground” segments in recent weeks. He recently lost the Universal Championship, and with Roman Reigns set to hold the title for the foreseeable future, there were no main event plans for him on SmackDown.

In a separate report from Wrestling Observer Radio, by way of Ringside News, Sullivan and Strowman were reportedly drafted to different shows to keep them apart for now. This was so each brand could have its own monster character as well.

It remains to be seen how the company plans on booking the reported feud considering that they’ll be on different shows. If both monsters are built strongly until then, however, it could make for an interesting heavyweight matchup.