'The Bachelorette' Spoilers: Reality Steve Updates Status Of Clare Crawley's Relationship With Final Pick

Clare Crawley's season of The Bachelorette is finally beginning to air, and spoilers tease that it's going to be a wild ride. There have been a lot of rumors swirling about what goes down and, in his latest blog post, spoiler king Reality Steve shared some updates.

Less than two weeks after Clare started filming, rumor had it that things went significantly off-track. If the teasers are accurate, Clare got her happy ending, albeit remarkably quickly. As Reality Steve noted at the time, Clare supposedly fell head over heels for contestant Dale Moss, a model and former NFL player.

The buzz is that Clare and her guy were so set on being together just days after meeting in person that production completely shifted gears. Tayshia Adams was reportedly brought in to film her own mini-season, and people are anxious to get the scoop on how that ended. So far, specific spoilers related to how things went for her have been elusive.

In his new post, the spoiler guru said that Clare and her rumored pick are still together now. Rumors have teased that the two got engaged after knowing one another for just a couple of weeks, but otherwise, their status remains unclear.

"Yes, she is still with Dale and I think they're engaged but haven't gotten confirmation of it," Reality Steve shared.

Dale Moss and Clare Crawley meet on 'The Bachelorette'
ABC | Craig Sjodin

As soon as Monday's premiere began, viewers got to see Clare meet her supposed final guy. As he walked away, she was clearly flustered and said she thought she had just met her husband. Starting the first episode off that way was unusual, and that may well be a sign of things to come.

The first few minutes of Monday's show also hinted at the chaos that would ensue down the road. One of her suitors was even seen saying that Clare was gone, and she was shown shedding a lot of tears. ABC even hinted that they'd address all of the rumors sooner rather than later.

So far, ABC has not confirmed that Tayshia was brought in to hand out roses herself. However, it seems that they're not going to try to hide the wild developments ahead all that much.

"I think by making it so obvious in the teasers Clare is with Dale, that's their 'nod' to the fact that, yeah, we have a new Bachelorette coming in later on. So while Tayshia hasn't been shown at all, subtly and indirectly, they're teasing her as coming on," the blogger detailed.

It is known that Clare kicked off filming with a relatively normal schedule where she met the men and then started her dates. That should mean that viewers will get a few fairly traditional episodes before the big moments that have been rumored for the past couple of months. The Bachelorette teasers have promised a crazy journey, and fans are ready to see it all play out.