Paige VanZant Showcases Nearly Every Inch Of Her Toned And Tanned Body In Latest Bikini Shot

Mackenzie Jerks

Paige VanZant shared a sexy beachside picture with her 2.7 million followers on Instagram on October 13. The professional fighter displayed nearly every inch of her sculpted body while lying on the beach in skimpy swimwear.

The 26-year-old sizzled in a revealing light pink bikini. The top featured triangle cups with thin straps that hugged her toned shoulders as well as a string that wrapped around the middle of her back. The bottoms of the suit were extremely low-cut with a thin string pulled up above her hips.

In the photo, Paige's photographer captured her from a side profile. She rested her backside in the wet sand as she arched her back. She supported herself by resting her elbows on the ground. Paige's left leg was bent with her heel nearly reaching her backside. Meanwhile, her right leg was positioned with a subtle bend in her knee as her toes dug into the surface of the sand. The pose displayed her insanely toned legs and booty, as well as the muscle definition in her midsection.

Her skimpy swimsuit top revealed a large portion of sideboob and the tiny tattoo she has inked on her ribs. Paige posed with a right angle in her arms, which allowed her hands to rest at her side. To make the photo even more seductive, Paige tilted her head as far back as it could with her eyes closed.

The snap appeared to be taken on an ocean's shore, as small waves crashed in the background. Additionally, Paige seemed to have recently taken a dip into the water, as her tanned skin was covered in droplets and her hair was soaking wet.

"Girl you are smoking hot!!! Good for you!!! Show off that beautiful bod!!!" one person encouraged.

"Yesssss honey," another fan wrote, as they added a row of fire emoji to the comment.

"Wow you are absolutely stunning," a third follower remarked.

Many fans could not seem to find the words to express their feelings for the dazzling photo and simply left numerous fire and heart emoji to describe their approval.

This snap is not the only steamy update she has shared with the Instagram community. As recently reported by The Inquisitr, Paige shared a jaw-dropping picture with her husband as they posed seductively in a shower. Additionally, she posted two more black-and-white snaps from the same shoot shortly after, which were equally steamy.