Franciny Ehlke Stuns In New Pink & Purple Lolja Cropped Hoodie & Sweatpants

Franciny Ehlke on Instagram.
Franciny Ehlke / Instagram

Brazilian YouTube beauty vlogger Franciny Ehlke shared several pictures with her Instagram followers of herself modeling a cute athleisure outfit from her new clothing collection for Lolja.

In all the images, Franciny wore a cropped pink hoodie with her initials, “FE,” printed on it.

She paired it with sweatpants that featured one purple leg and one pink leg, along with a white tie around the waist.

Franciny completed the casual ensemble with tennis shoes that matched her colorful outfit.

She wore her long, highlighted brunette hair in pigtails with sections wrapped around each one, hiding the hair ties. Short pieces near the front of her head framed her face, and the lengths fell over both shoulders to her waist.

Franciny stared straight into the camera’s lens with a pleasant look in her big brown eyes.

In the four-image series, she held an ice cream cone with two scoops in complementary colors, while showing off her long, white manicure.

In the first photo, she squatted with her legs apart on gray, brick pavement in front of a gray wall. In one hand, she held her treat, and the other arm rested on her bent knee. She had her full lips closed with a slight smile. Her outfit’s short top showcased her flat stomach, and the pants showed a bit of her lower legs.

The second picture features a contemplative Franciny as she sat on the ground with her legs bent in front of her, resting her arms on her knees. The model placed her chin in one hand, and she looked at her ice cream in the other one.

Franciny stood to the side in the third photograph. She stuck her tongue out and licked her frozen dessert. Her manicured fingers were in the pocket of her sweatpants.

For the final shot, she took to the ground again. She leaned back, supporting herself with one arm placed behind her on the pavement. She stared off into the distance, and a rectangle of light highlighted her face. The pose revealed a hint of light-colored lace from the garment she wore underneath the hoodie.

The model’s post received a lot of love from her Instagram followers. At least 213,000 people hit the like button in less than an hour after she posted it, and more than 3,300 also took the time to leave a positive comment for Franciny, with many congratulating her on her clothing line launch. Hearts and heart-eye emoji peppered the replies as people expressed their love for the look.