Tyra Banks Blasted For Making ‘DWTS’ Her Personal Runway As She Goes Over The Top For ’80s Night

The 'Dancing With the Stars' host changed outfits three times in one show.

Tyra Banks hosting Dancing With the Stars.
Eric McCandless / ABC

The 'Dancing With the Stars' host changed outfits three times in one show.

Tyra Banks is under fire – again – for her opening on Dancing with the Stars. The supermodel-turned-host was blasted on social media after she did a whopping three outfit changes during the show’s ’80s theme night.

In a new post shared on the official DWTS Instagram page, Tyra was pictured wearing a metallic gold outfit as she strutted across the ballroom stage. As she has done each week since taking over as host of the ABC dance-off, she made her entrance into the ballroom runway-style, this time to the Whitney Houston song “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.”

By the time the first couple completed their ’80s-style dance, Tyra, who is styled by Brendon Alexander, had already changed into a glitzy multi-colored gown. Later in the show, she appeared in a glittery green outfit and bucket hat.

In the comments section, viewers wasted no time in blasting the “Tyra” show, as they accused her of taking time away from the actual dances and celebrity contestants. Others asked why she can’t walk onto the stage “normal,” as former hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews did.

“Why oh why do we have to suffer a runway walk at the beginning of every show?” one viewer wrote.

“How many wardrobe changes??? It’s not the Oscars.”

“I say this every single week. We don’t need wardrobe changes or catwalks,” another added.

Other commenters questioned the timing of the host’s quick-change act early in the broadcast.

“Wait wait wait. So Tyra didn’t even watch the first dance? She went and did a wardrobe change and comes back out. That’s bogus. How is she supposed to host but not watch?” another wanted to know.

And others accused the former America’s Next Top Model star of monopolizing the Dancing With the Stars clothing budget and leaving no money left to style the contestants and pro dancers this season.

“THERE IS NO MONEY LEFT to spend on the PEOPLE THAT COUNT!” one viewer wrote.

Tyra has been slammed for just about everything she has done since taking over the Dancing with the Stars hosting duties, but she has said she doesn’t let the negative commentary get to her. In a recent interview, the 46-year-old supermodel also noted that she is only giving the viewers what they want when she switches up her outfits multiple times on the live shows.

“We’re gonna keep changing clothes; people want it,” she told USA Today.