Valerie Cossette Heats Up Instagram In Satin Lingerie

Canadian bombshell Valerie Cossette stripped down to her lingerie in her latest Instagram update, rocking a satin two-piece set from Fashion Nova that beautifully displayed her gorgeous curves. The brunette beauty posed on a window-side couch for the sultry shot, bringing the heat with her sizzling figure and smoldering gaze.

Valerie, who is a Fashion Nova ambassador, opted for a grayish-white set that flattered her glowing tan and raven tresses. The light-toned outfit also gave prominence to her impressive tattoo collection, which was left on display for her audience to admire.

The sexy look comprised of a super low-cut bra that bared her busty cleavage and minuscule bottoms that only covered what was necessary. Both pieces were adorned with an elegant lace trim along the revealing neckline and waistline, which dipped well below her bellybutton, allowing her navel piercing to be seen. Likewise, the spaghetti side straps of the bottoms matched the bra's shoulder straps. They were pulled high above her hips, accentuating her waist and exposing her legs.

The 27-year-old further teased fans by seemingly tugging on her panties. She sat up with her one knee on the backrest of the couch and her thighs parted. The snapshot captured her in mid-profile, flaunting her trim midriff and giving fans a peek at her curvy backside. The low angle offered a great view of her voluptuous assets, emphasizing her lean physique.

Valerie looked down at the camera with an intense, alluring stare. She slightly parted her lips in a provocative way and styled her hair in a messy bun, showing off the ink on the side of her neck. A pair of rebel tendrils framed her face, grazing her décolletage and calling even more attention to her perky chest.

The Bang Energy elite model added some extra bling with an understated gold chain necklace, which appeared to sport a heart-shaped locket. She further accessorized with a stiletto manicure, showcasing her long, flat nails as she pulled on the straps of her bottoms with both hands.

The interior was decorated in subtle, earthy tones that made Valerie's bronzed skin and the red rose tattoos on her upper arm emerge as the main splash of color in the shot. The model seems to have a preference for this particular room, posing in the very same spot in the past. For instance, in a post dated August 17, she sat by the window sill in a strappy lavender bikini, basking in the sunlight coming in through the obscure glass.

Her latest upload was a big hit, earning a lot of appreciation from her online admirers. Shared on her page Monday, the photo racked up more than 71,400 likes overnight, as well as 1,100-plus messages. Valerie captioned her post with a snowflake emoji. She also remarked on the silky fabric of her attire.

"Daaaaaamn!!!! Your skin looks way better [than] the satin tbh!!! You're unbelievable!!!" one fan wrote.

"Hotness [hundred-points emoji] everything is 10 on 10 about you," chimed in another user, leaving a heart. "Running out of words to describe your matchless beauty," they added.

"Hottest lingerie on the hottest babe," read a third message, trailed by a string of flattering emoji.

"Looking amazing... and i love ur ink," a fourth person praised.

Just last week, Valerie showed off more of her seductive lingerie, slipping into a see-through black lace negligee that did nothing but favors for her perfect hourglass figure. That upload has been liked over 75,400 times to date.