Instagram Golf Hottie Lucy Robson Sizzles In A Tank Top & Shorts For Latest Workout Video

Lucy Robson posts a selfie on Instagram
Lucy Robson / Instagram

Instagram model Lucy Robson put her fit figure on display for her latest video update. In the clip, she wore a low-cut tank top and tiny matching shorts that accentuated her curves while she performed several exercises.

The 25-year-old, who is known for her golfing prowess, showed fans how she stays limber with a seven-part stretching routine that involved a resistance band. Robson was recorded at home as she stood in front of the screen for her golf simulator, and her clubs were visible in the background.

The British beauty had her long blond hair pulled up in a ponytail and let pieces of her bangs hang down in front of her gorgeous face. She sported a cropped top with horizontal pink and white stripes. It was sleeveless and had a plunging neckline that showcased her ample assets. Robson sported matching shorts that had a knotted drawstring waist.

In the first portion of the vid, Robson was shot from the side as she kept her right arm straight down and used her left arm to perform chest presses. She stood in the same spot for the second exercise and did bicep curls. Her body was slightly hunched forward, and this gave viewers a glimpse of her toned legs and curvy backside in the small shorts.

Robson extended her right leg for the next two parts of the routine. She pulled the band out with her left hand while supporting it using her right. Fans were treated to a peek of her flat stomach in the cropped shirt. The second to last exercise had Robson performing tricep extensions which highlighted her defined upper body. Robson put the band behind her back for the final portion of the video, and this gave an unobstructed view of her curves.

For the caption, the golfer mentioned that this routine could be performed anywhere. She included detailed instructions for the exercises, and added flag-in-hole and golfing emoji before uploading the footage on Sunday.

Many of the Cal Poly product’s 876,000 Instagram followers took notice of the post, and more than 8,800 showed their approval by tapping the like button. Robson received over 170 comments, as her replies were littered with heart-eye and flower emoji.

“Great video of a beautiful lady showing us how to stay fit,” one admirer commented.

“Beautiful woman,” a fan wrote while adding several rose emoji.

“You are so beautiful,” another person added.

“Mine always break,” a follower replied.

As covered by The Inquisitr, last week Robson flaunted her cleavage in a low-cut dress while holding a golf club.