Anna Katharina Rocks A ‘Casual Glam’ Look In Wet Bikini

Anna Kathrina poses for a selfie.
Anna Kathrina / Instagram

Blond bombshell Anna Katharina took to Instagram to show off her fabulous figure on Monday. She shared a series of pictures where she looked smoking hot while soaking wet in a tiny bikini.

Anna’s bathing suit was a shade of dark green that complimented her sun-kissed skin. Her voluptuous chest filled out the small, triangle-shaped cups, while the neck strap was made from braided fabric. The bottoms had a classic bikini cut with braided straps on that sat low on her hip.

The post consisted of four photos that featured Anna standing outside next to a swimming pool. With her wet skin and hair, the model gave off a provocative vibe when posing.

The first frame featured Anna from the front and was cropped in the middle of her thighs. She stood at a slight angle, putting all of her curves on display. With one leg off to the side, she flaunted her hourglass shape and curvy hips. Pieces of her hair fell across her face and over her shoulder. She flashed a sultry look while her hands rested by her side.

In the second snap, Anna turned up the heat and rested her hands on her hips while she looked off to one side. Water droplets running down the front of her chest and tummy drew the eye to her cleavage and taut abdomen.

Anna’s upper body, particularly her bosom, was the focus of the third and fourth pictures. She wrung the water out of her hair in the third slide as the liquid glistened on her chest and shoulders, highlighting her tan skin. The model held her hands on her head in the fourth photo while she wore a dramatic expression on her face. The pose put her shapely shoulders and arms on display.

Anna’s 1.3 million followers seemed to approve of the snap, with more than 14,000 of them double-tapping the post within an hour of her sharing it. Hundreds of admirers also took some time to dole out the compliments.

“How are you a real breathing human that exists. Bombshell,” wrote one Instagram user.

“You are a very pretty exciting young woman that’s for sure… your man is a lucky fellow,” a second fan added.

“Incredible pictures, just an absolute Stunner,” a third comment read.

“Nice visual presentation, really just greatness all around,” a fourth fan chimed in.

This is not the only time Anna has showed off her smoking-hot body in a skimpy outfit. Earlier this month, she flaunted her assets while wearing a tiny crop top and a skimpy pair of bikini bottoms.