Prince Harry Uses ‘Trump-Like Gestures’ To Make His Point When He Speaks, Body-Language Expert Claims

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex leaves after officially open The Silverstone Experience at Silverstone
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Body language expert Judi James told The Daily Mail that Prince Harry uses gestures very similar to U.S. President Donald Trump’s when he speaks. She also pointed out that Harry looks distracted and fidgets when he’s not speaking, much like the U.S. leader.

This weekend, Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, teamed up with women’s rights activist Malala Yousafzai for a live-stream in which they discussed the barriers preventing tens of millions of girls across the world from having access to quality education.

James, who has previously analyzed the body language of royals, said that the occasion was rather incongruous with the duke’s personal experience. As a white male, born to wealth and privilege who was given a top-tier private education, Harry had no familiarity with the cause he was advocating. She claimed that the disconnect between his experience and the topic at hand was apparent in his body language.

“[Harry used] the kind of over-expansive and emphatic gesticulation that we would normally see from a politician,” she said.

She went on to note that one particular politician is known to do the same: Donald Trump. Specifically, she said, both men used the “authoritative” raising of the index finger to make their points.

donald trump at the white house
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“He punches one fist into the palm of his other hand, he uses a downward, mid-air finger-stab to mime re-writing the future and after his index finger rises in a gesture of command beloved by Trump, his hands fling about before creating a measuring gesture to suggest firmness,” she added.

She called the event a “performance,” and noted that Harry was trying to look passionate as he advocated for the cause. However, when he wasn’t speaking, he appeared distracted — dropping his head, fluttering his eyes, and fidgeting almost non-stop, she said. She added that these are typical comforting behaviors people use when they’re uncomfortable.

James also noted the difference in Meghan’s body language throughout the discussion. She appeared in awe of the Nobel prize-winning women’s education advocate. James noted that the duchess placed her hands on her legs or on her chest, all indications that she was being diminutive. However, when it was her turn to speak, Meghan’s confidence shone through, and her body language didn’t betray her. She balled her hands into her fists and at times put her hand on her chest, signifying an emotional connection to her cause.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Youfsazai, now 23, survived an assassination attempt by the Taliban at the age of 15. The organization acted out of their belief that educating young girls contradicts the teachings of Islam. She survived a gunshot wound and went on to become an outspoken advocate for the rights of girls to attend school.