Tarsha Whitmore Displays Her Voluptuous Chest In Strapless Mini Dress While Enjoying A Martini

Tarsha Whitmore poses for a selfie.
Tarsha Whitmore / Instagram

Brunette bombshell Tarsha Whitmore kicked off the week with an Instagram update that gave her followers a nice look at her voluptuous chest. The model wore a black strapless dress that also put her hourglass figure on display as she enjoyed a martini at what appeared to be a bar.

Tarsha’s dress was made from a satin-like fabric that gave it an elegant look. It featured a low-cut neckline and a cupped design that made her ample chest the focal point in the photos. The number also featured seams down the front, creating a snug fit that accentuated her her trim waistline and curvy hips. The short hemline put her toned thighs on display. Her sun-kissed skin glowed in the light of the camera’s flash.

The Australia-based model styled her hair into a ponytail on the top of her head. The ends were curled up and skimmed the tops of her shapely shoulders.

As for accessories, Tarsha sported a a bangle bracelet and a thick gold necklace that hung just above her cleavage, drawing the eye to her chest.

Tarsha’s long fingernails were done with a French manicure.

The post consisted of two snapshots that saw her sitting on a padded stool. The bar scene behind her was mostly drowned out in dark shadows except for the faint glow from what seemed to be a television screen in the distance. She faced the camera holding a martini in one hand.

In the first picture, Tarsha put her free hand in the small of her back while she arched it. She gave the camera a sultry look with her lips slightly parted. With her legs crossed, she flaunted the bare skin on the backs of her thighs.

Tarsha had a little fun with her followers in the second frame. She puckered her lips and closed her eyes while she displayed the peace sign with her free hand.

In the post’s caption, Tarsha left a remark about her drink and also tagged online fashion retailer Oh Polly.

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Lychee martini in hand always ????dress: @ohpolly

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Dozens of fans appeared to be impressed with her date night attire and took to the comments section to rave over how hot she looked.

“Wow this dress is everything on you girl,” one Instagram user wrote.

“You look amazing,” a second admirer chimed in.

“Sexy and beautiful,” a third comment read.

“I mean wow,” gushed a fourth follower.

Tarsha wowed her fans last week with an update that saw her baring considerably more skin while she modeled a cute white bikini.