Holly Sonders Rocks Skintight Bodysuit, Stiletto Heels & Stocking Cap In Sultry New Share

Model and former golfer Holly Sonders lines up a putt during the 2014 the Humana Challenge in partnership with the Clinton Foundation.
Todd Warshaw / Getty Images

TV host, model and former golf pro Holly Sonders returned to Instagram on Sunday, October 11, with another one of her sultry, swimwear snapshots. In her latest offering, the raven-haired bombshell posed provocatively on an outdoor balcony overlooking part of the Las Vegas cityscape while sporting a skintight bodysuit, stiletto heels and a stocking cap.

In the accompanying caption, the former Fox Sports and Golf Channel correspondent hyped her return to a personalized celebrity video-sharing web site. In doing so, she promised to get to as many requests as possible. However, a sizable portion of her 480,000 followers seemed content with the uploaded picture, as they filled the comments section with words of adoration for her latest sexy display.

“That bodysuit and those legs…” commented one user.

“NEVER a bad pic Holly!” exclaimed another devotee. “Always fiiiiiaaahhh!!!”

“Hands down, the most GORGEOUS woman ever to walk the Earth,” raved a third fan, who further geeked out by including a blast of emoji.

“If anyone can make a ski cap look good it’s you,” opined another admirer.

With a pair of sunglasses in one hand and the other resting against her slender, gym-honed thigh on the near side, Sonders was snapped in a medium-wide shot as she leaned against the balcony’s railing. She stared directly into the camera’s lens with a neutral expression on her face and her glossy lips scintillating in the natural light.

Although she was documented from the side, Sonders had spread her legs and turned toward the photographer in the shot, allowing a clear view of the front of her body. The model’s ample bosom and other curvy features were pleasingly accentuated by her suit, even as it covered the breadth of her bustline. Her arched back further emphasized her athletic, yet sinuous figure.

Sonders’ suit was made of a beige-tinged fabric that was emblazoned with a black, Renaissance-style print featuring star charts and artistic renderings of the sun and the moon eclipsing one another. Meanwhile, she accessorized with a bracelet, the aforementioned cap — which was off-white with a furry top — and her heels, which added multiple inches to her height.

In the background of the shot, a large, nearby building and hazy skyscape were visible.

Sonders’ latest Instagram offering captured the attention of a number of her fans and followers, receiving almost 2,000 likes less than an hour after going live.

As shared previously by The Inquisitr, Sonders similarly emphasized her ample attributes in an earlier update that featuring a mirrored selfie of the social media star in another skintight bodysuit.