Ana Cheri Displays Tantalizing Bare Booty Wearing Nothing But An Unbuttoned Shirt At The Beach

Ana Cheri takes a selfie
Ana Cheri / Instagram

Ana Cheri added to her array of recent beachy Instagram posts on Sunday afternoon, thrilling her 12.5 million followers. The fitness model has reportedly been spending time at a tropical resort in the Maldives and has kept jaws dropping with her stunning appearance.

This most recent update did not disappoint and racked up over 36,000 likes in the first half hour after it was uploaded.

Ana posed standing on a sandy beach, leaning against a single palm tree. She faced the camera with her tantalizing bare backside and looked over her right shoulder with a sultry gaze.

The photographer shot Ana from the ground, and the upward angle of the camera accentuated her long legs and the rounded shape of her derriere, as well as capturing almost all the palm in the frame.

The composition of the image created two distinct horizontal planes of opposing color at the bottom consisting of golden sand below a section of turquoise ocean, which was slightly out of focus and deepened in hue toward the horizon. Moving upward, the background burst into a huge expanse of blue sky covered with idyllic clouds that varied in color and shape.

Ana remained the sole focus at the center, as her bronzed skin and incredible physique were impossible to ignore. She wore an open, white cotton button-down shirt and let it slide off her shoulders. It appeared to blow in a gentle sea breeze, along with her mahogany curls, which spilled partially down her back.

One of the long sleeves covered her right hand, which was poised in the air next to her body. Her bent elbow rested against her hip, and her forearm partially covered her voluptuous breast.

Ana’s left arm was extended upward and draped along the sloping trunk of the tree she was leaning on.

A few almost imperceptible glimpses of black fabric indicated that she was likely wearing a skimpy ensemble below the shirt. The most visible piece was a strip of string that rose from between her cheeks and disappeared beneath the hem of the cotton garment.

Ana’s Instagram followers loved the snap and flooded the comments section with adoration for her enticing look.

“This shot is everything,” declared one fan.

“You are absolutely fantastic a blessing so breathtakingly gorgeous,” gushed a second person.

“Stranded with Ana [on] an island…..amazing goals,” teased a third supporter.

“Everything about this pic is beautiful,” complimented a fourth fan.