Bill Burr Predicts He’ll Be ‘Canceled’ After Controversial ‘SNL’ Monologue

The comedian received mixed reviews for his polarizing opener on the NBC late-night show.

Bill Burr on Saturday Night Live.
Will Heath / NBC

The comedian received mixed reviews for his polarizing opener on the NBC late-night show.

Saturday Night Live fans gave mixed reviews to comedian Bill Burr after his controversial opening monologue on the NBC late-night show.

In a stand-up spiel to a masked and hesitant audience, the 52-year-old comic targeted anti-maskers, white women, Gay Pride, and more in his non-PC style.

After agreeing that “dumb” people should go mask-free so they can kill their own family members, he addressed today’s “cancel culture,” and how he will probably get “canceled” after his jokes.

Burr questioned why John Wayne is being “canceled” more than 40 years after he made racially insensitive comments in an interview with Playboy. He defended Wayne as he noted that the late actor was born in 1907 and “that’s what people sounded like” back in the day.

Burr then accused white women of hijacking the “woke ” movement as they drive around in oversized SUVs with heated seats.

“Somehow white women swung their Gucci-footed feet over the fence of oppression and stuck themselves at the front of the line,” he cracked.

Later, he questioned why Gay Pride is celebrated for all of June for people who weren’t actually “enslaved.” After musing that a full month for gays is “a little long,” he suggested that Black History Month be moved from February to July so “equator people” can get a hot sunny, 31 days instead of the cold, dreary, shortest month of the year.

In the opener, which can be seen below, Burr then pointed out that with his idea, gay Blacks would get back-to-back 61 days to celebrate.

It’s no surprise that Burr’s Saturday Nigh Live opener began trending on social media immediately after it aired on NBC.

In the comments section to SNL’s Instagram post of Burr’s opening remarks, which can be seen here, some viewers slammed the comedian while others touted his routine as the funniest on the show in a long time.

“This was good [until] the Pride month comments. Felt like it was done in bad taste,” one viewer wrote.

“Disgusting. You have ostracized your female viewership,” another wrote.

“Burr pissed off a lot of Karens, they’re feeling oppressed…again,” a third viewer added.

“Y’all got offended by the punchline then you are the punchline,” another wrote.

Others praised the comic for having the “guts” to tick off so many viewers in today’s climate.

In addition to his polarizing monologue, Burr also appeared in several Saturday Night Live sketches, including one that poked fun at “real Bostonians” in a fake Samuel Adams Pumpkin beer ad.