WWE Rumors: Hall Of Famer Reportedly Shows Up ‘Intoxicated’ & ‘Argumentative’ At Virtual Meet-And-Greet

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A new report suggests that Scott Hall’s appearance at a virtual meet-and-greet was cut short due to the WWE Hall of Famer’s allegedly troublesome behavior at the event.

As reported by Ringside News, the meet-and-greet was organized by Dark Parlor Originals, which posted a video on Saturday night that explained Hall would only be able to sign items under his real name or his Razor Ramon ring name but couldn’t sign any lengthy dedications or inscriptions for his fans. The event’s organizer promised those who ordered inscriptions that they would receive refunds. He also apologized for the unexpected issues, assuring everyone that the wrestler would be properly “taken care of” but refusing to go into further detail about why the 61-year-old had apparently become difficult to work with.

“He’s had some issues going on recently. It’s not my business to talk about [them], but we’re not here to make him look bad. We’re not here to look bad. We’re just trying to get your stuff signed.”

The video can be viewed on Facebook here.

Ringside News reported that per its sources, Hall became “argumentative” and was slurring his words as he interacted with fans at the meet-and-greet. He supposedly showed up wearing a ripped glove and, as further noted, had a hard time “signing anything.” All in all, the outlet wrote that the former New World Order member was “intoxicated to the point where they could not go live” as originally planned.

Scott Hall makes his way to the ring during a 2018 "Old School" episode of Monday Night Raw.

Hall’s issues with substance abuse have been well-documented since his heyday as a pro wrestler. While he has notably utilized fellow in-ring legend Diamond Dallas Page’s DDP Yoga fitness regimen in an effort to battle his addictions, reports have suggested that he’s relapsed multiple times in recent years. In 2016, TMZ released a video of the former Intercontinental Champion drinking heavily at an Atlanta T.G.I. Friday’s and acting inappropriately toward a female bartender. Hall was later asked to leave the bar after he reportedly had an altercation with the bartender’s father.

The alleged incident at the Dark Parlor Originals event marked the second time this year that Hall has dealt with controversy away from the ring. In May, he had a Twitter exchange with Ring of Honor wrestler Session Moth Martina that became contentious when the latter alleged that he “never followed through” with his promise to pay for her breast augmentation. In response to this post, Hall reportedly suggested that she needed a “personality transplant” and called her a “dumb b*tch.” He would later delete his tweets to Martina before fans noticed that his entire Twitter account was no longer on the platform.