Bindi Irwin Shares Adorable Baby Bump Photo

Bindi Irwin is ready to start sharing baby bump photos and the first one came via her Instagram page on Saturday. This is the first child for Bindi and her husband, Chandler Powell, and they certainly seem to be embracing every moment of the pregnancy.

The big announcement came about two months ago when Bindi and her hubby revealed the exciting news on Instagram. Not long after that, they took to social media again to tell their audience that they were expecting a girl.

The daughter of the late Crocodile Hunter star Steve Irwin previously acknowledged that she was still fairly early on in her pregnancy. Judging by her latest photo, it seems that she still has a ways to go.

Bindi was photographed indoors, standing in profile. She looked toward the camera and placed her hands over her belly. She wore a formfitting black tank top and dark green pants, and a hint of a baby bump could be spotted. However, the baby has not yet grown enough for the bump to be very noticeable.

In her caption, the 22-year-old wrote that her mother, Terri Irwin, had snapped the photo the previous day. Bindi noted that the little one is doing well and that she tends to be especially energetic during ultrasounds. In true Bindi style, she compared the size of her baby to that of a mountain pygmy-possum, a small mouse-sized animal native to Australia.

Around 250,000 of Bindi's 4 million followers hit the "like" button during the first hour after she had uploaded the shot. In addition, 1,500 people added sweet comments.

"You're just glowing young lady. Your dad would be so proud," one fan commented.

"So happy for you enjoy every kick and hiccup to the fullest," another wrote.

"Awwwww!!! You look amazing you and Chandler are gonna be epic parents," detailed a follower.

"Ahhhh you look amazing so excited and happy for you and your little family. Sending so many blessing your way," someone else wrote.

A number of Bindi's followers pointed out that she was glowing, and indeed she was. She smiled broadly as she looked toward her mom and the camera, and her eyes sparkled with joy.

This year has been a big one for the couple. They tied the knot in March, ditching the planned big wedding to hold a very small ceremony due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now, just a matter of months later, they are ready to expand their family.

Chandler and Bindi have been quite open about this pregnancy already, sharing key moments with their millions of fans. By the looks of things, the fun updates will keep coming.