Amanda Cerny Slays In A Rainbow Crocheted Bikini Top & Teases A ‘Special Surprise’

Amanda Cerny attends an MTV event in Italy
Anthony Harvey / Getty Images

Amanda Cerny took to Instagram on Saturday to share a sultry snapshot with her millions of followers. This was another teaser hyping the 2021 calendar she has available and it seemed her fans were quite motivated by this photo to get their hands on it now.

The photo that Cerny uploaded showed her posing indoors, seemingly in a living room, and she went with a somewhat glamorous vibe. She was sitting down in the room filled with natural sunlight. The background was blurred slightly so that all of the focus was on Cerny, but some white furniture and a few other items were visible.

Cerny had her brunette tresses pulled back away from her face. There were a few loose tendrils around her crown, but the majority of her long locks were styled in a classy, romantic updo.

The 29-year-old fitness personality gazed directly at the camera and parted her lips in a sultry way. She had one hand resting on her knee, and the other arm was just out of the frame.

The ensemble that Cerny wore for this shot was quite alluring. She wore a crocheted bandeau bikini top that fit tightly on her chest, putting a fair amount of cleavage on show.

The bikini top consisted of a rainbow of stripes in muted colors. White adorned the top and bottom edges of the piece and in between were rows of pastel pops of color. Cerny wore a matching garment on her lower half and it appeared to be a wrap skirt designed in the same rainbow pattern.

In her caption, Cerny teased that those who bought one of her calendars would get a special treat. This was the latest in a regular stream of sexy uploads designed to generate interest in her calendar. It looks like her strategies have been fairly productive based on how her audience reacted to the snapshots.

More than 350,000 of Cerny’s 25.4 million Instagram followers liked this picture during the first couple of hours after she shared it.

“Breathtaking as usual,” detailed one commenter.

Oftentimes, Cerny’s social media posts show her combining her comedic sense of humor with a sexy vibe. She frequently pokes fun at herself and jokes about how sometimes she can’t take these photoshoots seriously, and that is part of what people love about her.

In this case, however, she seemed all about the glam shot. Judging by the reaction the photo received, her fans did not mind at all.