WWE News: Seth Rollins Hints At Backstage Beef With 'Friday Night SmackDown' Superstar

As documented by WrestlingNews.co, Seth Rollins made a guest appearance on the Friday Night SmackDown watch-along show. During the conversation, he was asked about the blue brand performers he's most looking forward to facing now that he's a roster member. However, he also revealed which performer he doesn't want to wrestle.

When asked about the possibility of going up against Matt Riddle, Rollins said that he has "no interest in facing [him] at any point in my career." While the comments could have been made in character in an effort to start an angle between the pair, his words suggested that there's more to the situation.

Rollins comments were unexpected as he's expressed his admiration for "The King of Bros" in the past. As documented in a separate WrestlingNews.co report, he opened up about his desire to compete against Riddle back in 2018.

"He's someone who's super talented and has an interesting skill set, a different style. I'm always intrigued by different styles, I feel like I can have a good match with anybody and I'd like to see how Riddle and my style mesh together."
Rollins didn't elaborate on what made him change his mind in the last two years. It's possible that they had a falling out behind the scenes. As The Inquisitr previously noted, Riddle is a controversial and outspoken performer who's rubbed some members of the locker room the wrong way in the past.

Matt Riddle poses in the ring

As the article pointed out, officials have also reportedly decided to stall the former UFC star's push recently as well. It is believed that they don't think Riddle is ready for the main event yet, though he may have some backstage heat.

Riddle has also been at the center of a misconduct scandal lately, which could have changed some people's opinions of him. While the situation is still unfolding, it has led to Riddle receiving some criticism within the sports entertainment community.

A showdown between Rollins and Riddle is a dream match for many fans, and the two being on the same brand could put them into contact with each other eventually. However, with the current draft still ongoing, it's possible that Riddle will be moved to Raw.

During the watch-along, Rollins did open up about his ambitions to face AJ Styles and Big E. This was before both superstars got sent to the red brand for the foreseeable future.