Veronica Bielik Flaunts Assets In Semi-Sheer Robe And Tiny Bikini

Polish model and social media influencer Veronica Bielik posted a stunning new video to her Instagram feed on Saturday, October 10. The clip, which largely served to advertise a popular energy drink to her 2.9 million followers on the platform, featured the fitness and healthy living advocate in a semi-sheer robe and scanty, striped bikini as she strolled about an extravagant oceanfront suite and occasionally sampled the beverage.

Bielik mentioned in the accompanying caption that the white-and-light blue color combination of her bikini will always remind her of the island she was documented in, which the geotag identified as Mykonos Island, in Greece. She also stated that she was feeling energized from the advertised beverage.

A large contingent of her fanbase appeared to be energized by the way in which she flaunted her stunning assets in the video, taking to the comments section in droves to declare their appreciation for her shapely physique.

"Wow wow," exclaimed one particularly impressed commenter. "Veronica, you looked absolutely gorgeous throughout the video with the most beautiful smile on your face."

"My girl is looking fab," added a fellow influencer.

"Just Stunning," wrote a third fan. "You look Amazing."

"Your body makes that bikini look awesome," commented another admirer.

The clip began with Bielik sitting in a stairway with a wide smile on her face and both hands running through her wavy, highlighted blond hair. That was followed by a quick, transitional cut of the 27-year-old walking down the same set of stairs, and then a lingering shot of the model peering through a window at a picturesque waterfront view.

Throughout the clip, Bielik was wearing her tiny, two-piece swimsuit, which was emblazoned with wide vertical stripes. Her top was bound together in the front and its narrow straps crisscrossed just above the bustline before they encircled her delicate neck.

Her bottom piece perfectly conformed to her narrow waist, resting just above her curvy hips.

Several shots of the Instagram star sampling the energy drink were interspersed throughout the remainder of the clip, along with a shot of her emerging through a glass door to a deck, as well as a short clip of Bielik filming herself in a mirror with her smartphone. For the majority of the video, she continued to flash a beaming smile for the camera.

Bielik's sexy update made a clear impact on her fans, racking up over 15,000 views in under an hour after it appeared on her feed.

As relayed previously by The Inquisitr, Bielik flaunted her fantastic figure in another post this week that featured her sporting a low-cut mini dress.