Kindly Myers Sizzles In Pink Lingerie While Posing Seductively In Her Kitchen

Blond bombshell Kindly Myers shared a new snapshot to Instagram on Saturday morning. This was another take from a shoot she did a while back, and this new-to-fans photo was an immediate hit.

Kindly wore a hot pink lingerie set and was photographed standing in her kitchen. As The Inquisitr shared a couple of months ago, the model had showcased her curves in this ensemble before. This time, she faced the camera directly and gave viewers plenty to appreciate.

The earlier post showed Kindly from the side, so very little detail regarding her ensemble could be deciphered. This time, however, fans had the opportunity to fully appreciate the flattering pieces and how they enhanced Kindly's tanned and fit physique.

The 35-year-old Maxim model stood in the same spot in her kitchen as she did in her previous upload. This time, she leaned her derriere against the lower cabinet and laid one hand on the marbled countertop.

Kindly looked directly toward the photographer as the photo was shot. She swept her blond tresses over to one side and let the loose waves tumble over one shoulder. She toyed with one lock that she held in her hand as she held a sultry expression on her face.

The hot-pink bra was relatively basic, but it beautifully accentuated her busty assets and looked stunning. Thin double straps delicately covered her shoulders and the low dip in the front revealed a great deal of deep cleavage.

The panties had lace detailing over the hips on each side. The cut was low in the front and the panties sat high on her hips. The waistband sat well below Kindly's navel and highlighted her hourglass curves. She wore a navel ring and the tattoo along her side could be seen.

Kindly's chiseled abs were on display with this pose. She stood with one leg bent and crossed in front of the other and her tanned legs looked lean and strong.

The Playboy model's 2.1 million fans seemed pleased to see this snapshot cross their timelines on Saturday. More than 6,000 people liked the post during the first hour after she had uploaded it, and 200 also commented.

"WOW you are getting more beautiful every day," one fan raved.

"Looking like a real life-size Barbie," another shared.

"Gorgeous lingerie fabulous body stunning curves and so lovely attractive woman," a follower declared.

"Hey. Wow. There's no one more beautiful and hotter than you," a fourth fan detailed.

The emoji were plentiful throughout the comments section as well. It seemed that a number of speechless followers relied on fire, heart, and kiss emoji to show how much they loved Kindly's sizzling-hot shot.

Whether by relying on words or emoji, it was clear that fans had a deep appreciation for this sexy upload.