Sarah Houchens Flaunts Sun-Kissed Booty In Lacy Lingerie: 'Keep Glowing And Growing'

Fitness model Sarah Houchens flaunted her impressive assets in a series of four selfies posted on Saturday morning, thrilling her 1 million Instagram followers. The stunning blonde wore a mismatched lingerie set that exposed her tanned skin, and she hashtagged multiple terms in the caption that referred to maintaining a sculpted rear end.

Sarah posed standing on a outdoor balcony of a high-rise building, as indicated by the view of the city far below. She tagged her location in Washington, D.C., where she currently resides. It was a clear, sunny morning and the position of the streaming light beautifully accentuated her toned physique.

All four of the snaps pictured Sarah from basically the same angle; she faced the camera with her backside and turned slightly to the right, to show off not only her famous booty, but also her ripped thighs and narrow waist.

She rotated in place as she took the images so that the sunshine illuminated different aspects of her figure. She also alternated the hand with which she held her camera, switching back and forth between the shots.

In the first image, Sarah leaned against the frame of an open sliding glass door and clutched the phone in her right hand. Her elbow was bent out behind her and she rested the inside of her wrist against her rib cage. Loose curls partially covered her face as she looked down at the screen to maintain composition.

Her derriere was the sole focus of the image. It was tantalizingly bathed in golden light, and appeared smooth and flawless. Sarah wore a pair of sheer, baby-blue panties with lace edging and light yellow underwire bra featuring a floral lace pattern.

Her back was arched and she twisted her upper body around, displaying some of her pert breast.

In one of the following photos, she stood in the middle of the balcony, which was enclosed with a low iron railing with wide mesh barriers. A full row of windows and the door were on her left, and the brick face of the outside of the building could be seen behind her.

Sarah balanced on her right leg and kicked her left foot out behind, giving a full glimpse of both the outside and inside of her muscular thighs. The impressive shape of her flexed quad was particularly noticeable.

Hundreds of Sarah's Instagram supporters flooded the comments section, and over 11,500 of her Instagram followers hit the "like" button in the first hour after the post was uploaded.

"You're glowing for real sis," agreed one fan, adding a series of hearts to the compliment.