WWE Superstar Paige Rocks Black Lingerie And Teases Miraculous In-Ring Return

WWE superstar Paige took to Twitter over the weekend to share a one-piece lingerie photo with her fans. She also revealed that she might not be permanently retired from in-ring competition.

In the picture, Paige sat on a leather chair sporting nothing but black lingerie, socks, sneakers and a neck brace. She wore bright red lipstick and sat with both hands behind her head, posing for the camera.

In the accompanying caption, the superstar mentioned that the picture was an old one, but she shared it for a specific reason. According to Paige, she spent the last two years of her in-ring career wearing the neck brace. However, she has since received surgery, and her "neck feels wonderful."

Paige went on to plead with WWE to "let [her] back in."

This suggested that she's looking to return to the squared circle after being forced to hang up her boots in 2018. The news was met with delight from her fans and fellow wrestlers.

Britt Baker responded by challenging Paige to a match.

"Let's wrestle," the AEW star wrote on Twitter.

To make that bout a reality, however, one of the performers would have to join a rival company.

"I do hope you'll be able to come back to the ring like Edge and Daniel Bryan one day. Until then, just enjoy the ride and keep kicking a** on Twitch," tweeted a fan.

These sentiments were echoed throughout the replies. Paige appears to have given her social media followers hope of seeing her back in the ring at some point in the future. As one of her fans noted, Edge and Daniel Bryan's comebacks showed that not every career-ending injury lasts forever.

As The Inquisitr previously documented, Paige has discussed the prospect of wrestling again in the past. She said that it's not an "impossibility," though she doesn't expect it to happen any time soon. At the time, however, she revealed that she felt healthy again.

Since retiring from competing, Paige has worked as an on-air personality and manager on television. She was a regular analyst on WWE Backstage while the show was still on the air.

The former Women's Champion was also the subject of the Dwayne Johnson-produced biopic Fighting With My Family, in which Florence Pugh played a dramatized version of the superstar to tell her rags-to-riches story.

It remains to be seen how officials will react to Paige's request, but her supporters would love to see her compete again.