Michelle Lewin Speaks From The Heart As Husband Jimmy's Recovery Continues

Venezuelan fitness model Michelle Lewin seems to be breathing a sigh of relief now that her husband Jimmy has been released from the hospital. On Friday, she shared a lengthy caption and gorgeous throwback photo via her Instagram page that shared the latest on the couple's recent challenges.

Earlier this week, Michelle uploaded a fantastic video and revealed that Jimmy was being discharged from the hospital. Now that the couple has had a few days to get settled in again at home, she took to social media to share some additional updates.

Michelle wrote her lengthy caption entirely in Spanish and did not include an English translation as she often does. According to Google Translate, Friday marked one month since this difficult battle began.

She noted that the trauma from the past month felt as if it had all just happened a day ago. She explained that she had struggled with a lot of difficult emotions, such as despair, anxiety, anguish, and helplessness.

As the couple's fans know, Jimmy is typically strong, happy, and energetic. When he was hospitalized and nearly died, Michelle had to face seeing him in a fragile and critical state.

Jimmy has made incredible strides in recovering from his medical emergency. However, Michelle acknowledged that she still has all of the images in her head of her husband in a hospital bed, connected to a number of machines and cables.

Throughout this ordeal, Michelle has often referenced her faith. She did that again in this Friday update, noting that she strongly believed that the powers of prayer and faith were very powerful.

As for Jimmy's condition, he has improved a little bit every day. Michelle explained that his eyesight had gotten somewhat better and he was getting more active. He was eating a lot and the edema that had built up in his legs had improved.

Even with all of those improvements, Jimmy has continued to struggle with fatigue due to the damage his heart sustained. Michelle previously noted that he would have heart surgery at some point, once his other organs had become stronger.

She added that she slept with one eye open, on alert, with Jimmy home. Despite that, overall she felt calmer now. Michelle was clearly relieved to have her husband back home with her and she expressed her gratitude to all of her fans for their messages and support.

Michelle's post received nearly 400,000 likes and 8,500 comments in about seven hours. Jimmy may still have a significant battle ahead of him as he fights to regain his strength and health, but it's clear that his wife is determined to pull him through this.