Katie Bell Slays In Tiny Crop Top & White Bike Shorts, Teases 'Come Kick It With Me'

Model Katie Bell shared a trio of sultry snapshots on Instagram on Friday that sent pulses racing sky-high. She teased her fans as she looked sizzling-hot in a white, revealing ensemble.

Katie appeared to be on a rooftop for this alluring shoot. The first photo showcased the model from behind. She braced herself by leaning on one arm and had her legs bent and tucked behind her.

The buxom brunette sat so that her peachy posterior was angled toward the camera, and she turned her head toward her shoulder so her face was capture in the snapshot, too. Her long, brunette hair tumbled down her back, and a few shorter wisps gently framed her face.

The gorgeous 25-year-old wore Nike sneakers, socks, white bike shorts, and what from the back seemed to be a white cropped T-shirt. The ensemble hugged every nook and cranny of Katie's voluptuous figure, and the crop top seemed alluring but moderate from the back. When Katie turned around, however, the fit of the front was anything but conservative.

In the second photo, Katie towered over the camera and kicked one leg toward it. This unique position showed the front of Katie's unique crop top and she nearly spilled out of the barely-there pieces of clingy fabric that covered her breasts. A significant amount of underboob could be seen, and her legs looked lean and long from this unusual angle.

The final upload took a similar approach in that Katie seemed to nearly touch the camera with an outstretched leg. She balanced on her other leg and raised one hand up to rest against the back of her head. Once again, a lot of underboob was displayed here, and a string tie was wrapped across her flat tummy and knotted in the front.

This set of snapshots received a big response from Katie's 1.9 million followers, with 65,500 people liking the post in the first five hours after the pictures were posted on her Instagram page. More than 400 fans also commented.

"Breathtakingly gorgeous," one follower wrote.

"Just down right sexy," another stated.

"So fit....so hot....so beautiful," a fan praised.

"sexy and seductive baby," someone else declared.

This is hardly the first time that Katie has prominently showcased her busty assets in a series of sexy uploads. Last week she posted a trio of shots highlighting her cleavage in a short red dress, and she looked incredible as she playfully posed for the pictures.

Those snapshots received nearly 120,000 likes, but this new array of shots may well surpass them. The skintight bike shorts and revealing crop top beautifully highlighted all of Katie's most frequently praised attributes and gave everybody plenty to appreciate.