Bri Teresi Flaunts Her Perky Assets In Bed While Reading A Book In Bra & Panties

Model and social media influencer Bri Teresi, who is perhaps best known for her work with Guess, continued to lean into her preference for video content with her latest Instagram share. In the post, which was uploaded to her popular feed on Friday, October 9, the 26-year-old included a clip that showed her resting on top of a bed in a skimpy bra and panties set while thumbing her way through a book.

It was a combination that allowed for a significant showing of skin, as well as a tempting accentuation of her perky assets and sinuous figure.

In the post's caption, Teresi asked her 1 million followers if any of them happened to speak French. The query was an appropriate one, as her video's audio track was "Les Vitrines" by the French electro-pop project Kid Francescoli. But the Auburn, California, native's fanbase seemed less concerned about language in the post's comments section and more in-tune with her stunning appearance in the spicy reel.

"Wow," exclaimed one fan. "You look great."

"I wish that was my bed," joked a second supporter.

"I would literally melt if a beautiful woman like you spoke to me in French," raved a third enamored admirer.

The thread was also filled with a cornucopia of emoji, including peaches, hearts and flames.

As the video began, Teresi was laying stomach-down on the bed with her forearms folded beneath her chest. Meanwhile, her lower legs were positioned in the air above her as she bent both knees and jostled her bare feet around over her thighs. All the while, her head was turned toward the camera, but her eyes remain locked on the book before her.

Teresi's taut, gym-honed posterior was largely left uncovered by her thong and its size and shape were well-evidenced as it protruded upward. Elsewhere, the model's bustline became similarly prominent — even as she pressed it into the mattress below her — when the camera pulled in for a tighter angle on her athletic body.

Shortly thereafter, the clip cut to footage of Teresi having moved into a seated position with her legs slightly spread and folded backward underneath her. As she continued to read her book, she ran a hand through her blond mane and arched her back moderately, which added greater emphasis to her sharp curves. At that point, the reel approached its loop point.

Teresi's latest Instagram offering to kick-off the weekend proved to be another popular one, getting double-tapped to the tune of 1,500-plus likes shortly after being uploaded.

Earlier in the day, Teresi teased her fans and followers by bending over in a skintight pair of Daisy Dukes for another sexy share.