Valentina Lequeux Goes Braless Under A Red Jacket

Valentina Lequeux takes a selfie
Valentina Lequeux / Instagram

Argentinian fitness model Valentina Lequeux went online on Friday, October 9, and treated her 1.9 million followers to a very hot picture.

In the snapshot, Valentina rocked a red jacket from Adidas that featured white panels on the sleeves and the shoulders. She ditched her bra and left the top unzipped to show off her bare chest.

Valentia teamed the jacket with white panties that boasted mesh detailing. The tiny garment drew attention to her well-toned legs.

The fitness queen wore her blond tresses down, swept them to one side, and let her locks cascade over her back and shoulders. She also let a few strands of hair fall over her forehead. In terms of jewelry, she opted for a silver hoop in her nose.

The pic was captured outdoors, during the day. The shoot took place against the background of a wall. Valentina stood straight with her legs spread apart. She inserted her hands into the pockets of her jacket. The hottie lifted her chin and gazed at the camera, and she also slightly puckered her lips.

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I see so many girls trying SO hard to achieve a life changing transformation. They eliminate entire food groups from their diet…Perform punishing workouts…And judge themselves harshly for the slightest move ‘off plan’…And yet, there are ladies who are flourishing through their transformations. Eating foods they love…Enjoying their social life…Loving every training session…And getting the results they’ve wanted for as long as they can remember.⁣ ⁣ Which leaves you wondering…“How do they do it?” I get that.⁣ ⁣ If you’ve tried every diet and workout program on the market and put in endless hours of effort and sacrifice. It can be frustrating to see women thriving throughout their transformation. What you need to realize is that more sacrifice does not mean better results. In fact, the exact opposite is true in my experience. The closer your diet and lifestyle are to the things you love. While still being set up to deliver the results you’re looking for. Is the surest path to success. Which I understand is hard to accept.⁣ ⁣ Acceptance is actually the hardest part about achieving your goals using these methods. Because once you accept that you CAN get the results you want while living a lifestyle you love. You will never look back. So, if you can put your belief in a better way. A way that reveals the best version of yourself. While giving you everything you need to make your results last. Then the next step you need to take is tapping the link in my bio @valentinalequeux ❤️ ⁣ (ESPAÑOL EN COMENTARIOS????????)

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Valentina included a long caption with her post in which she explained different types of body transformations. She added that while some women starve themselves and opt for difficult exercises to achieve their goals, others eat everything and enjoy their lives but still stay fit. She wrote that a person does not necessarily have to make more sacrifices in order to achieve better results.

Within three hours of posting, the pic amassed more than 15,000 likes. In addition, many of Valentina’s admirers flocked to the comments section and posted about 140 messages in which they praised her amazing physique. Other users thanked her for motivating them to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

“Stunning picture; You are looking absolutely gorgeous!” one of her followers wrote.

“So sexy!!! As usual! You are 100% right. I also went back to my training routine after failing a lot of times. This time, I will stick to my own goals instead of comparing myself with others,” chimed in another user.

“You’re amazing, especially how you empower other women and encourage them to stay fit. Thank you for everything,” a third fan commented.

“Total bomb!! I hope one day I can train with you!” a fourth admirer remarked.

Other users posted words and phrases like “goddess,” “unreal,” and “the best,” to express their adoration.

Many other models also liked and commented on the post to show appreciation and support, including Georgia Kousoulou and Lauren Simpson.

As The Inquisitr previously reported on September 10, Valentina uploaded another hot snap in which she rocked a skimpy black bikini which showcased her amazing physique.