Haley Kalil Adjusts Her Bikini Top And Shows Off Derriere In Beachside Pics: 'You Know The Struggle'

Model Haley Kalil gave her Instagram followers a behind-the-scenes look at one of her attempts to take the perfect bikini photo. The slideshow that she posted on Friday included one photo that looked like the professionally shot images that appear in the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. However, the other two images captured her battle with her bathing suit top.

In her caption, Haley joked about how many photos she has to pose for in order to take one that she feels is worthy of posting on social media. She also suggested that this is a struggle that many women deal with. The first image she shared was one that met her standard. The model stood on a beach near a dark rocky outcrop that extended out into the churning water. A large white dog explored the craggy formation as foamy waves crashed against it.

Haley posed a short distance away on the beach. She stepped her bare left foot forward and buried her toes in the dark, damp sand. The model rocked a bikini that was a cheery yellow hue. Her bottoms featured metallic ring accents on the front and a thong back that showed off her peachy booty. Her pose drew more attention to her derriere by emphasizing its round shape. The string ties of her matching triangle top were pulled down low in the back. The slinky garment displayed some sideboob as she posed in profile.

Haley was photographed reaching up to touch the right side of her hair. Her chestnut tresses were styled in a messy topknot. A sea breeze tossed her thick curtain bangs around in her two follow-up photos, but her fringe stayed put for the picture that she liked best. She had swept the short hair to the side of her face as she tilted it up toward the sky.

Haley was pictured adjusting her bikini top in her second snapshot. She gazed down at her chest as she tugged one of the garment's cups outward with her right hand. She used the left to do the rearranging. In the final slide, she held her cupped hands a short distance away from her bust as she looked at the camera.

A few of Haley's followers suggested that she doesn't need to worry too much about what she's photographed doing when she's rocking a skimpy swimsuit.

"Doesn't matter which one you post your still the same gorgeous girl," said one fan.

"You're so stunning," another added.

"Always love your pictures," a third chimed in.

One commenter also asked Haley about the dog in the background. She revealed that the canine wasn't hers, but she was tempted to "steal" it.