Yanet Garcia Poses With Her Pooch Amid Pumpkin-Laden, Fall-Inspired Backdrop

Mexican TV host, model and social media influencer Yanet Garcia appeared to welcome the fall season with open arms in her latest Instagram update. In the Friday, October 9, post, the 29-year-old — who first gained notoriety as a weather reporter on Televisa Monterrey's Las Noticias — sat on a bale of hay with her beloved pet while flanked by large pumpkins and other autumn-inspired decorations.

Joining Garcia was her dog, a mini Pomeranian named Mamacita with its own Instagram profile, whom she held up for the camera as she posed for the shot.

In the accompanying caption, she shouted out the month of October with two emoji inspired by the Halloween holiday: a jack-o'-lantern and a white ghost. Meanwhile, a number of her fans took to the post's comments section with words of praise for the duo in the cutesy snapshot.

"Two cuties," gushed one admirer.

"The most beautiful in the whole world," noted a second user in Spanish, as translated by Google.

"Oh my God, what a face!! And the puppy too," stated another translated comment.

Although Garcia was sporting wide-framed glasses with darkly tinted lenses in the shot, her face nonetheless managed to beam as she fired a wide, toothy grin toward the camera's lens. All the while, her lengthy, golden-brown hair flowed out from a center part and framed her face on both sides as its ends reached down to her chest.

She sat with her legs parted in the picture as she propped Mamacita up on her left side. The fluffy, white and gray Pomeranian looked to be wearing a magenta-colored dog shirt in the shot. Garcia, meanwhile, was wearing a deep yellow top that was long-sleeved. The garment conformed tightly to her arms and chest.

Garcia's lissome legs were similarly constricted by a pair of skintight blue jeans that were fraying on the thighs and pantlegs. The pants did well to exhibit the slender, gym-honed nature of both the upper and lower sections of her limbs. She completed the look with a bright white pair of tennis shoes with red and black accents.

While the former viral video star kept it simple with her wardrobe in the photo, her surroundings were brimming with seasonal visuals. One particularly large pumpkin rested on the ground beside her right foot; a second had been placed next to her and her dog on the hay bale. In the background, the likenesses of two scarecrows were painted on a wood panel, one of which was holding a jack-o'-lantern. A myriad of orange, yellow and red flowers had also been staged.

Garcia's latest post was another popular one, even as it lacked a significant showing of skin. Just one hour after going live, it had accrued well over 30,000 likes.

Earlier this week, Garcia showed off her sculpted derrière in a share that showed her wearing tight shorts while working out.