Anllela Sagra Displays Booty Wearing Sheer Thong Lingerie Next To Vintage Arcade Games

Colombian fitness model Anllela Sagra thrilled her 11.9 million Instagram followers with her most recent update on Friday afternoon, in which she flaunted her nearly-bare behind wearing a skimpy lingerie set that left fans wanting more.

The post racked up just under 48,000 likes in the first 20 minutes after it was uploaded, including one from fellow social media model Yanet Garcia, who also commented with a trio of flame emoji.

Anllela faced the camera with her famous backside, standing between a pair of full-sized vintage arcade games.

The most visible was a classic Pac-Man machine. It stood almost as tall as the statuesque model next to it. The illuminated screen showed the preliminary instructions for getting the game set up, indicating how to select the number of players.

One of the original dual-person action franchises, Street Fighter II, sat in front of Anllela. It was smaller and had a slightly different design — it featured two joysticks, as opposed to just one, so that players could actively participate at the same time. The sides of the screen were decorated with illustrations of the various fighting characters that could be used.

Anllela wore a black thong featuring a sheer fabric through which the garment's tag could be seen. It sat high over her hips and put almost all of her curvaceous derriere on full display.

She stood with straight legs and kept her shapely thighs together, with her right foot crossed behind the other to minimize the width of her legs in comparison to her tantalizing rear end.

She reached back and seductively grasped the bottom of both cheeks with her open palms, turning her head over her left shoulder to show off her delicate features.

Anllela closed her eyes and let her lips part enticingly, giving a sultry expression. Her mane of chestnut hair was styled straight and spilled halfway down her back, nearly grazing the top of her booty.

She also wore a matching bralette with adjustable straps that was cropped around the most slender part of her waist. She finished off the ensemble with a pair of crisp white sneakers and Nike socks.

Anllela stood in the corner of a simple room with white walls and a cement floor. The tall headboard of a twin bed was next to her, which was upholstered with thick, gray fabric and appeared to have storage drawers along the bottom. It was dressed with green sheets and had a neutral, printed pillowcase.