‘Expendables 3’ Gets Confirmed Director

Expendables 3 has landed a director.

The Expendables has been one series with a strange history. The original film was released alongside RED, a film which Bruce Willis had a much larger part in, but seemed to follow the same premise from the outside. Both films starred an older cast, RED featuring retirement-aged characters and Expendables using a collection of older action stars. The Expendables was enjoyable as a film for people who just craved the action style of the 80s, and didn’t seem to favor any one actor out of the bunch. It could have been a battle of egos so easily, and the big joke was the highlight of the film.

Expendables 2 was more aware of how ridiculous the premise was of a collection of elderly action heroes can be and it ran with the humor. The comedy pretty much took over as soon as Chuck Norris showed up and delivered one of the jokes his name is now known for. Jean-Claude Van Damme hammed it up as the French villain who was unbelievably full of himself. Unfortunately, half of the cast were beginning to show their age, but again the humor took center stage.

Expendables 3 has been confirmed and now has a director in Patrick Hughes (Red Hill). Sylvester Stallone stated on Twitter about the film, “EX3 Needs freshness, class, and much badass ….Found it… Blood Sweat and Fears, coming soon… My best PURE ACTION FILM – The last RAMBO – I want this one too top it and I believe it will with NEW BLOOD.”

It appears Sylvester Stallone is back to trying to appeal to the action crowd completely, and it’s a bold move after the almost pure comedy of Expendables 2.

Rumored to be in Expendables 3 are Wesley Snipes, Jackie Chan, Clint Eastwood, Harrison Ford, Nicolas Cage and Mickey Rourke. None of these new faces have been officially confirmed, but some of us would love to see Clint Eastwood beat the crap out of Wesley Snipes. Call it karma.

What do you think of Patrick Hughes being confirmed for Expendables 3? Or do you think the series should have ended already?