Holly Sonders Emphasizes Her Ample Attributes In Sultry Swimwear Selfie

TV host, model and social media star Holly Sonders took matters into her own hands with her latest photo update on Instagram. For her post on Friday, October 9, the 33-year-old former golfer did her own hair and makeup and even snapped the shot using her own smartphone as she posed before a mirror in a formfitting, one-piece swimsuit that pleasingly emphasized her sharp curves and ample attributes.

In the accompanying caption, Sonders credited herself for her overall presentation, including her gym-honed physique. A number of her nearly 480,000 followers were clearly impressed by what she had put together, taking to the comments section to shout out her sexy look in the stunning new shot.

"You did a mighty FINE job," appraised one satisfied follower.

"Flawless and elegant as always," a second commenter praised.

"Hello your hotness," added a third user, who further expressed their opinion with fire emoji.

"So hot Holly!" a fourth admirer raved.

Sonders appeared to be looking directly into her own eyes as she stood before a mirror to document herself with her phone. Her brown eyes glinted in the light and her brows were exquisitely shaped. Her glossy, dark pink-tinged lips were parted slightly, revealing a hint of her upper teeth.

The breadth of her long dark mane flowed over to her left side, where it blanketed her shoulder and upper arm.

She held her smartphone at neck height with her right hand as she snapped the picture, its muted pink case managing to steal some of the focus of the shot. Multiple rings could be seen on her fingers as she grasped the phone and her lengthy nails were similar in color to both the device's case and her lipstick.

The Golf Channel and Fox Sports alum's sizable bust, narrow waist and jutting hips were covered by her formfitting, single-piece swimsuit, which was made with white fabric and accented by a multicolored trim. Its brightness provided a stark contrast to her sun-kissed skin and other dark features.

The garment also allowed for a sneak peek at her cleavage. Her narrow waist and toned thighs were similarly visible at the lower edge of the photo's frame.

The social media share was well on its way to logging big numbers for the model, as of this writing, notching it's first 2,000 likes in well under an hour.

Earlier this week, Sonders also showcased her amazing legs in an insanely small miniskirt and a pair of high heels.