Lily Ermak Stuns Wearing Pink Lace Lingerie, Laments Lasting Effects From Coronavirus

Instagram model Lily Ermak shared a pair of gorgeous snaps in her most recent update on Friday that her 1.6 million followers adored. She paired it with a caption that created a stir of concern.

According to a Google translation, the buxom blonde said that since she contracted the highly infectious coronavirus six months ago, her sense of smell has not returned. She posed with a cup of coffee and mentioned being especially distressed about her inability to enjoy the aroma of that particular beverage.

Despite her sorrow, Lily looked stunning in the images. She reclined in a sunny bay window on an upper floor of a high-rise building, as indicated by the view of the city below. She geotagged her location at a historic hotel in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Lily wore a lacy three-piece lingerie set in a bright pink color that complemented her fair complexion.

The bra featured underwire demi-cups with scalloped edges that beautifully framed her voluptuous breasts. The garment was paired with a matching thong and garter, which featured a decorative series of adjustable straps around her bare thighs.

Very little of the pieces could be seen in Lily's seductive pose, but they encircled her narrow waist and left her hips and rounded derrière on display. A tiny decorative bow was sewn into the center of the waistband.

The satin garter straps were a paler shade of pink than the rest of the outfit. In the second image, she seductively toyed with one of them, tugging it away from her leg.

Lily held an elegant porcelain cup and saucer in her right hand. It appeared to be about half full of beverage.

She was photographed from the right side, balanced against the deep frame of the open window. Her head leaned against the wall behind her and she appeared to prop one foot up on the corresponding surface across from her.

Lily's other knee was bent and she pointed her toes toward the ground. Both elbows also took some of the weight of the pose.

Her delicate features were in profile and her body was lit in the bright sunshine pouring over her.

Lily's Instagram followers flooded her page with expressions of concern and reassurance from those who understood her caption, as well as adoration from the many who simply appreciated her sultry appearance.

One supporter stated they had also experienced a loss of their olfactory sense and another mentioned they had a friend with the same ailment, but that it had corrected itself.