Anna Nystrom Looks Smoking Hot As She Does Squats In Sexy, Blue Leggings

Anna Nystrom snaps a selfie.
Anna Nystrom / Instagram

Anna Nystrom flaunted her bombshell body on Instagram in another sexy ensemble. The seconds-long clip was added to her feed on Thursday, October 8, and showed the social media influencer and model powering through a workout.

The video started with Anna arriving at the gym and doing her pre-workout routine. She laced up her white sneakers and grabbed a black band out of her Louis Vuitton bag, putting the workout accessory around her legs and performing a variety of squats for her eager audience. The model then picked up a round weight followed by a kettlebell, as she appeared to be moving on to a different exercise before the clip came to a close. A geotag in the post indicated that Anna was at the Sports Club Vallentuna in Sweden.

Her sexy sweat session called for a curve-hugging set that showcased her phenomenal figure. She wore a long-sleeved crewneck shirt on her upper half, and the garment was loose on her arms but fit more snugly around her midsection. The piece boasted a cropped cut that teased a peek at her rock-hard abs.

The lower half of Anna’s outfit was hotter. She rocked a pair of tight, light blue leggings that allowed her to flaunt her shapely thighs underneath its snug-fitting fabric. The bottoms had a high waistband that stretched over her navel, highlighting her slim waist. The back of the leggings also showcased her pert derriere.

Anna wore a blue scrunchie on her left wrist, which appeared to be her only visible accessory. She slicked back the front two pieces of her hair in braids and wore the rest of her wavy mane over her shoulders and back.

In the caption of the upload, Anna teased her lower body workout, directing her audience to the link in her bio to watch the full video. Unsurprisingly, the model’s post has received a ton of attention from her fans with over 21,000 likes and 260 comments. A few asked questions about the exercises while several others applauded her gym-honed figure.

“Very very nice and my best friend. Didn’t know people could look this good doing squats,” one follower gushed, adding a series of flame emoji to the end of their comment.

“The most beautiful lady I’ve seen… I fell in love…” a second social media user raved.

“Love you gorgeous beautiful angel,” a third fan complimented with the addition of a few hearts.

“So cool and pretty fitness woman,” one more person added.